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Kajuun Mujai

Kajuun Mujai
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Raxus Prime

Mentor(s): Sebastin Creed

Species: Human


Kajuun lived a fairly typical early life. He fought and played. Made friends and enemies. Made friends of enemies, and enemies of friends. He vanquished hordes of demented scrap-bots on the rusting sea, and forced back the Mandalorian fleets singled handed. When he wasn’t playing, he was sticking his nose where it did not belong. Sneaking into restricted zones and crane control rooms, generally having a good old time. All in all, an eventful, happy childhood.

But, as if often the case, this was not to last. As per the customs of his community, Kajuun was sent to work shortly after his tenth year celebrations. He followed in his fathers footsteps, joining the sorting crews that worked on the flats of the Scrap. He searched the base of the great mounds, sorting and determining trash from useful, salvageable parts. It was tough, gruelling days, but Kajuun settled in his new role fairly quick.

While waist deep in trash one evening, Kajuun was distracted by a sparkling object, buried deep within the mound. It was a smooth, polished surface which reflected brightly in the floodlights of the yard. He quickly started to dig it out, tossing cabling and old transistors over his shoulder. He thrust his hand into the scrap, holding his breath, stretching, reaching. His fingers brushed the cool metal, and he pulled. It came free easily enough, but so too did much of the upper mound. Chunks rained down around him, the whole mound shook. Something dark and heavy looking slowly began to tilt toward him from up high, edging forward more and more until it cast him in shadows. He tried to wrestle free from the mound but his boot had snagged on something. He threw his arms up over his eyes as the object thundered towards him.

Silence soon fell all around him. He slowly opened his eyes to mostly darkness, but when they focused, he could see the giant slab of metal standing but a few inches from his face. It slowly began to rise, up and over his head, down to the Scrap floor, where a cloaked figure stood, arm stretched out.

Kajuun reached down through the scrap and freed his feet before stumbling across the mound to the flats. There, the cloaked figure introduced himself as a Jedi, a Knight from Coruscant. He informed Kajuun that his presence on Raxus Prime was not a coincidence nor was his intervention with the falling debris. Fate, as he explained it, had led them both to this moment, and should he agree, Kajuun would be returning with the Knight to Coruscant to be considered for Jedi training.