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Kailell Silaan


Homeworld: Karvos II

Species: Human


Daughter to two previous Jedi, Amaraan and Cessan Silaan, Kailell was no stranger to the Jedi Order. Her father Cessan, was the youngest son of former Jedi Master Arven Silaan yet events caused said father and son to become estranged.

Her parents left the Order to be there for their daughters early years, and Kailell lived a rather normal life until she was of age to begin her training, where it was decided she would become a student at the Ossus temple. She would adapt to life within the temple quickly and came to find her feet within the order.
Whilst an initiate, Kailell discovered a passion for technology, pulling apart and repairing nearly anything electronic. She would also be described as studious and would often be found completing tasks set by her instructors as quickly as they were given.

Kailell caught the attention of a Jedi Knight by the name of Jasodani Horhuba and was apprenticed under the Knight to further her training as a Padawan.

As her training ramped up in intensity, Kailell felt continuous self-imposed pressure. She was proud of her family, yet felt that she would never live up to what was expected of her.
In her days as a Padawan, Kailell would further develop her passion for technology and with approval of her master, forged her own double bladed lightsaber where she began honing her skills.

After a serious accident during her training and several months of recovery, Jasodani informed Kailell that there was nothing left she could teach the padawan, bringing their relationship to an end. Feeling abandoned by her master, she left the order to collect herself and explore the wider galaxy on her own.
Having spent some time away from the Order, Kailell felt it was time to return and complete her training. The council on Ossus determining that her skills could be better used within a different branch.

Kailell currently finds herself in transit, attempting to catch up to the once Rannon Branch of the Order.