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Kagain Rusk

Homeworld: Shili

Mentor(s): Urinsk Liunk*

Species: Togruta


Kagain has no preferred set of skills, although he has been figured as more of an engineer than anything else, spending great quantities of time with technology. He also has a keen sense for reading and spending time in the archives. He has a great love for good literature and sometimes even submits essays into the archives to added to the collection. Though less of a martial and Force based person, his intellect is among the best the Order has to offer.


Kagain is well known for being a very kind and empathetic character. He always has the heart and character of a child, although the stern wisdom and knowledge behind the mask is undeniable to those that know him. He is well respected due to his notable contributions in various reformations of the Jedi Outpost on Lyta, although this knowledge is currently only within the Jedi Order itself.


Kagain was born on the prominent Togruta homeworld, Shili. He led a fairly normal life for a long time, up until the ripe age of nine. Although if you asked him, he would likely say that he still possesses the same personality as he did back then, there is a noteworthy addition. He has gained much experience and learning, as well as wisdom throughout his time in the Jedi Order and his training. Something that he still shrugs off to this day.

As for the story of how Kagain was found by the Jedi Order, well, it may seem a little odd. Or at least what he was doing, that is. He was out with his friends as most children usually do, little did he know however that a Jedi Knight by the name of Trau Diym was nearby. Although at this point, little Kagain hardly knew anything about the Jedi. He was playing a rather odd game with his friends. It included the aspect of being blindfolded, spun around and taken to an unfamiliar place by your friends. You would then have to keep the blindfold on and hunt down your friends. The first person to be caught would be it again.

Although it seems to have a dangerous nature, it is almost similar to Jedi training. Trau happened to be on the planet of Shili due to a diplomatic negotiation with one of the planet’s diplomats. Trau was on his way back to the shuttle when he felt a very tiny ripple of the Force nearby. What he would later come to know as Kagain is what he sensed. He found Kagain playing with some friends, the exact game as was previously described. Kagain always seemed to win, for some odd reason, although none of his friends could tell why.

Trau had time. He decided to stay, watching the young Togruta. A thin smirk was plastered on his face as he shortly thereafter noticed that it was the Force which aided the boy in his endeavors. Kagain and his friends were soon to depart, though Trau had stopped Kagain, asking him to take him back to his home. Kagain eagerly nodded along, paving the way. After they returned home, Trau explained to Kagain’s parents that he had the Force in him and he would like to bring him back to his resident branch, Ilum, to have him tested and potentially trained. His parents agreed and then they were off to Ilum.

Trau did not have much time after the events that happened, he would come to check in on Kagain from time to time although the visits would happen less and less, likely due to field assignments. Kagain was successfully initiated into the Jedi Order, beginning his training. It took many years, slightly due in part because of his advanced age before a mentor took interest in him. It was a new transfer by the name of Urinsk Liunk that took him on as an apprentice. Due to Kagain and his notable progress, the foundation of training was already built, accelerating the training that was to come.

After studious years of training, Kagain was knighted in the presence of the Illum Council. It was very well one of the best moments of his life, undoubtedly. Kagain then took on a number of field assignments although he would remain residential most of the time on Ilum, adding to the archives, even serving some time as one of the archivists there. It is because of his astounding intellect that the Lyta Outpost was right for him and when he heard of the chance, he immediately applied to go. He was accepted and now he starts his studies anew, on a new planet, a new place of learning as he endeavors to bring knowledge to various peoples of the training facility

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