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Kaelen Sekura

Kaelen Sekura
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Lok

Mentor(s): Syrena Exan, Alkur Tekeil

Species: Human

Padawan(s): Fane Ornn'ila


Kaelen showed very early on to have a great enthusiasm and talent for casting illusions. This, coupled with his interests in stealth and keen senses make Kaelen quite the formidable Jedi Infiltrator.


Kaelen, born 242 ABY to parents Kayla and Jin Sekura, lived a simple life in the beginning. Born and raised on the planet Lok, Kaelen learned fast how to fend for himself. His parents were hardened salvagers who often spent days on end out recovering lost vessels and junk. Anything that would fetch them a few credits really. By day, Kaelen spent most of his time out in the scorching heats of the wasteland planet, playing in the scrap heaps by their settlement. He used to spend hours on end building forts and towers out of the junk that lay around. He loved nothing more than to climb the mounds, each time trying to discover new routes and paths to the top. By night, Kaelen spent his time indoors due to the sudden temperature changes that took place after sunset. He’d spend the time locked in his own mind, scheming up new ideas and plans for the next day.

Kaelen was mainly raised by his mother Kayla after the sudden death of his father, under still yet unknown circumstances. She did the best she could for her son until the day she was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Fearing her son might fall prey to bandits or worse still, be enrolled into one of the many gangs or cults on the planet; Kaelen was sent to live with his mother’s adoptive father, Akala N’orr, an estranged Kel Dor now living on Talus. Kaelen didn’t care much for his grandfather or for his new home for that matter. His once simple, happy life had been turned upside down. Finding it difficult to approach or talk with his grandfather, due to the fact he always came across cold and uninterested, Kaelen spent most of his free time dwelling on his own thoughts. Most of which on his mother. He spent little over a year on Talus however. One day, out of the blue it was announced that he was going to be shipped out to Yavin IV to attend classes in the Jedi academy. Kaelen didn’t fully understand why or much care for that matter. He neither argued nor put up a fight in the end. In fact, he was glad to be going. Anywhere his Grandfather was not, was a happy place for him. He just wanted to forget it all and to move on. Start a new life.

Until his first few days in the Jedi Academy, Kaelen had never even heard of Jedi before. He was not fazed however. He had been sent here for a reason after all. He listened well and paid close attention during all of his classes. One day, nearly a year and a half into his studies, the Masters announced his initiation to the Jedi Order. Kaelen spent the next few years studying much like every other student but seemed to place most of his time and efforts into saber training. He spent every waking moment practicing and sparring, trying to fully grasp the art. Kaelen also made a great my friends during the years as an Initiate, the closest being with Sebastin Creed. His friendship with Creed was a mischievous one. They were often playing pranks, sneaking about and barely escaping trouble. They’re friendship, however strong, eventually took the side line when Kaelen was taken as a padawan learner by Knight Syrena Exan. They did still manage the odd prank or two but things had changed. Kaelen was very eager to learn and develop new skills and techniques. He spent the next few years a little closed off from the others. With so much to think on and work at, he found little time to socialize.

A few years later, the Masters announced that the order was relocating to the newly completed facilities of the Dac enclave. The journey there was an especially trying one for Kaelen. Being locked up with so many, with little in the way of space to be alone with his thoughts, he started to develop a kind of space sickness. He became incredibly closed off and irritable. Even to this day Kaelen still struggles to focus and concentrate in similar situations, finding silence and enclosed spaces difficult to manage.

The Enclave of Mon Calamari was a technological marvel. This meant very little to Kaelen however. Located near the planets polar caps, he struggled to cope in the beginning with the temperature change. Although the main facilities were kept well heated, Kaelen found the encapsulating environment hard to handle. It was much in the same as his struggles with the journey to the planet. So, to feel less locked up, Kaelen spent most of his time out on the surface level among the bitter winds and snow. Kaelen took the largest steps in his training on Dac however, finding illusion, telepathy and the so called mind trick much to his liking. Although more often than not it landed him in trouble, his ability in these areas were by far his strongest.

Several years past and Kaelen was finally off on his first outing with his Master. A simple trip to Coruscant, to experience life outside the confines of the enclave. Or so he thought. Shortly after landing on the planet, Kaelen and Syrena were attacked by a group of mercenaries. Before he could react, Kaelen was struck face on by a concussion mine which sent him flying off of the platform he had been on. When he awoke, several hours later, he was a few platforms down and his Master was no where to be seen. Kaelen immediately made his way back to the platform, finding only two bodies, neither of which being his Master and a spent syringe. Kaelen reluctantly made contact with the Masters back on Dac, who instructed him to stay at the temple on Coruscant until transport could be arranged for his return. He spent the next few cycles alone in his mind. Only immerging from the guest room to eat. He felt so foolish for allowing the events to unfold as they did. He was supposed to be a better than that. Kaelen spent the next few years contemplating the event. Constantly pondering on his Masters whereabouts. He’d grown tired and angry with the council for they’re supposed lack of interest on the subject. He was completely oblivious to everything else going on around him, blindly contemplating the event.

In time however, his mind eased a little with help from Knights Quell and Tholmai. Kaelen put in a great deal of effort, focusing on his own personal training and moving past the troubles on Coruscant. He attended classes and spent time on personal reflection. Sadly, his stay at the Enclave on Mon Calamari was not to be a long one. It is still unclear whither it was an attack or simple malfunction but the enclave now lays in ruins after one of the domes caved in. It was a confusing and chaotic scene but thankfully no lives were lost. The bigger challenge he now faced was the journey on the transport once again as they headed back to their old temple on Yavin IV. Kaelen was a much more experienced student now with more responsibilities to deal with. The Masters kept him busy with training and duties which made the trip much more bearable for him. Not too long later they touched back down on Yavin IV and soon began the usual training regimes again.

With Knight Exan still missing, the council saw fit to pair Kaelen with another Knight at the Yavin temple, Knight Alkur Tekeil. Kaelen and Knight Tekeil spent much time over the coming months discussing his future within the Order. They spoke much about the road to Knighthood and advanced training in philosophy, as well as moral and ethical approaches, despite Kaelens obvious lack of enthusiasm for the subject. His training with Knight Tekeil was short however with the sudden and unexpected return of Knight Exan.

With Knight Exan’s return, and her interest in finishing Kaelens training, the council saw fit to re-pair them. Progression was slow in the beginning due to Kaelens inability to put the events of his Masters disappearance behind him. After a lengthy discussion between them, Kaelen eventually agreed to focus and put his troubles behind him. His training escalated from this point onwards. Kaelen and Knight Exan made many trips off world to such places as Manaan and his birth world, Lok. All of which were trying in their own right.

Several years later, after successfully deterring a dark Jedi from entering the temple grounds, the Jedi Council saw fit to Knight Kaelen. Jedi Knight Kaelen Sekura continues to this day, to work with the Jedi Council and serve the Force.

271.11 ABY – After a few years of observation and seeing a lot of potential in the young Twi’lek, Knight Sekura took Initiate Fane Ornn’ila as his first padawan learner.

271.17 ABY – Official investigation into Akala N’orr begins.

274.27 ABY – Official investigation into Akala N’orr suspended due to death of Roek Sarn.

276.16 ABY – Investigation into Akala N’orr re-opened.

278.08 ABY – Knight Sekura and Padawan Ornn’ila set down on Alzoc3 to follow up a new lead. While investigating a remote facility, Knight Sekura is captured and imprisoned by Akala N’orr.

277.28 ABY – After several months of searching, Jedi Knights Corinth Alkorda and Aayla Vigil locate Knight Sekura and mount a successful rescue mission.