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Kadvarr Tirladdik

Kadvarr Tirladdik
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Ossus

Mentor(s): Imil Ucindus

Species: Cathar

Padawan(s): Zevaros Sazen, Mizelia, Darsu, Tharon Jivler


Kadvarr was born on the planet of Ossus to Jedi Knight Kiwron Tirladdik and former Dark Jedi Valaa Tirladdik.

The Tirladdik family lived in a settlement near the Jedi Temple of Ossus. Despite its distance, Kadvarr could see the Jedi Temple from a distance and always felt like he belonged there. The young Cathar was brought up around the Jedi Order. Many Jedi frequently visited his house to consult with Kiwron, who played a part in the Imperium War. This war took Kiwron away from home most of the time, and Kadvarr aged without knowing his father well.

When Kadvaar turned eight, Kiwron and Valaa submitted Kadvarr for Jedi training at the planetary Jedi Temple. After two years of Initiate training, Kadvarr was apprenticed to the Jedi Knight Imil Ucindus. Imil took on the boy at Kiwron’s request. Kadvaar and Imil would spend most of their time on the battlefield, fighting the Sith Imperium. On the battlefield, Kadvaar and Kiwron would finally spend time together from time to time. Kiwron taught him occasionally, but most of his training was under the direction of Imil.

Kiwron Tirladdik was unfortunately killed in the retaking of the Imperial homeworld of Bastion. Saddened by his father’s death and feeling like he still knew little of him, he returns to the Rannon Praxeum, where his father trained in hopes of learning more of his deceased father. Following his father’s journal his mother gave him, he hopes to piece together his father’s past.

331.02 ABY – Kadvarr Tirladdik is born

335.20 ABY – Kadvarr Tirladdik is initiated on Ossus

337.14 ABY – Kadvarr Tirladdik is apprenticed to Imil Ucindus

354.11 ABY – Kadvarr Tirladdik is promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight

355.17 ABY – Kadvarr Tirladdik transfers to the Rannon Praxeum

356.13 ABY – Zevaros Sazen is apprenticed to Kadvarr Tirladdik

358.04 ABY – Mizelia is apprenticed to Kadvarr Tirladdik

370.15 ABY – Darsu is apprenticed to Kadvarr Tirladdik

372.30 ABY – Tharon is apprenticed to Kadvarr Tirladdik

375.28 ABY – Kadvarr Tirladdik is granted a seat on the Rannon Council