JEDI HoloNet

Jolt Chass


Homeworld: Coruscant

Species: Kel Dor


Jolt Chass a male Kel Dorian was born to a middle-class family on level 3112 of Coruscant. His father Ra Chass worked as a ship mechanic on the level 5072 and his mother Ira Chass was the head cook at a dinner on level 3782. He was given his father’s old mask and not named until they could take the time to go back to their homeworld of Dorin. While growing up his parents told him to not let people get to him as a way to protect him from having his mask damaged On his fifth birthday, his parents took him to Dorin, to give him his name and let him meet others like him. While on Dorin he got a mask made in his family’s style. Once they had stayed for some time they took their leave and returned to Coruscant. On the trip back they had to stop to refill, Jolt saw a pet store that he pointed out to his mother, Who took him to so he could look at the pets. He looked at a pygmy varactyl which had dark brown scales and black with blue-tipped feathers, that he started playing with through the glass, his mother saw how well they got along and bought the pygmy varactyl. Jolt named his Muja after the fruit he swiped when he first got on the ship.
Once back on Coruscant his parents enrolled Jolt into school. He found a love for animals and science. The school was mostly humans which made it hard to make friends but was always trying. At lunch, he would sneak out and feed the strays near the school and wound invite an older Rodain boy who would join him. He loved gym class because the teacher who was a Wookiee helped him constructively deal with the bullies, suggesting instead of taking the bus with the bullies he should run to school to get some more exercise. He took his teacher’s advice and ran to school every day. He learned Galactic basic at school alongside his native language of Kel Dor at home. In his free time, he looked up animals and gadgets. He loved learning about new animals and how they behaved. He would often take trips with his friends to the local zoo and look at the animals they had, his favorite was the Nexu he liked how it hunted and looked. On his tenth birthday, his mother gifted him a holo book full of information on animals that he treasures. One day after school he came home and saw a regular from the dinner talking with his parents. The Jedi had talked his parents into letting him take Jolt to a temple. Which they were hesitant at first but both agreed would be best for Jolt.