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Johauna Darkrider

Johauna Darkrider
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Corellia

Mentor(s): Ergo Stomi, Jamus Kevari, Arkallon

Species: Human


Johauna is posessed of a fierce will and steadfast determination in everything that she does. Where she was once shy and shut away from others, she has since stepped forward to lend her strength to others. At times still tumultuous in nature, beneath any appearance of chaos is the unfettered and everpresent desire to care for others at any cost.

She is reknowned for her practice of the lightsaber arts, particularly the Hawkbat form, also known as Ataru. she is doubtlessly a formidable opponent, though she remains notably more focused on offense than on defense. She retains her natural gift for telepathy, which manifested early, and this seems to contribute to an ability to readily form Force Bonds with others.


Very little is known about Johauna Darkrider’s past. Records of the Jedi Order indicate that she crashed on Yavin-IV with her YT-2400 ship, and nearly died from injuries sustained in the process. Johauna survived the crash, because of the Jedi who found her at the brink of death and saved her life. She holds deep respect for Ergo Stomi, Aayla Vigil and Rash Loist, each of them having come to her aid when her life was fading away. To this day they remain among the very first faces she remembers when scouring her memory, though this fact is also a testament to the true cost of survival. Johauna lost all of her previous memories, forgetting who she was and why she was originally traveling to Yavin-IV. In upcoming weeks, she began physically recovering in the Jedi temple and learning a bit from residents.

A few cycles passed before Johauna Darkrider discovered part of her past, in the form of service records kept by the Galactic Alliance military. According to these records Johauna originates from Corellia, having been born in Coronet City on 238.09 ABY. These same military records further indicate that she trained at a branch of the Alliance Military Academy in her mid-teens and later went on to serve as an Officer in the Alliance Navy in her late teens. Her Naval service record contains several distinguishing highlights such as attaining rank of the Captain, being given command of her own combat starfighter squadron, and receiving the Galactic Alliance’s Military Commendation Medal for rescuing a Senator from an assassination attempt. However, Johauna’s military service records are rather sketchy in certain areas, particularly with respect to her pre-service history and the situation surrounding her discharge from active service.

While she has seen her own military records, Johauna has had no direct recollection of her military career or the events which unfolded during that time. In spite of this fact it seems that elements of the training linger within her at a nearly instinctual level, with piloting and some forms of combat coming to her naturally as a result.

The presence of residual traits and talents from previous training first became evident when a bounty hunter attacked her in the jungle on Yavin-IV, and she was forced to defend herself with only the raw abilities at her disposal. Where an ordinary citizen would have been easily overwhelmed, she instead responded without apparent forethought and then struggled to survive. At the critical moment she struck back, and brought down her attacker. When faced with the felled foe, she drew upon her immense will and took his life to end the assault. When looking back on this confrontation Johauna assumed that she must have made several enemies during her forgotten life, and she quietly began to expect more “visitors” who might want to “remind” her about her lost past.

Before too long, other matters dominated the landscape of daily life and Johauna discovered, quite the hard way, that she was able to project her thoughts to others through the Force. The select few who became aware of this trait of hers were rather surprised, as it is fairly rare for a human to have such ability without any previous and specific training in this area. Johauna’s seemingly latent telepathic ability was frowned upon by some people, and before long she fell into the habit of remaining silent about this subject.

Five cycles later, on 262.25 ABY, Johauna was initiated into the Jedi Order by Jedi Master Soh Raun. She memorized the words of Jared Quell during her initiation: “When I looked into your mind yesterday Johauna, I saw a great many things. The Council perhaps knows you even better than you know yourself right now.”

Following initiation Johauna began her Jedi training in full swing, always holding to that pace. She spent most of her days and nights training in isolation to enhance her capabilities with the force and her physical prowess. This enthusiasm for personal improvement soon grew beyond the point of reasonability, as she ruthlessly denied herself the luxury of breaks from practice. Slowly, yet surely, she became even more closed to everyone in the Temple, due to her busy schedule. Nevertheless, she found camaraderie in the few that she could relate to along the way. Kenta became her regular training partner. Akalenn likewise befriended the red-haired Corellian and found a mutual reprieve from loneliness.

There were still others who would have a lasting effect on Johauna, including Jedi Knight Ergo Stomi. She would often be found nearby or spending time with him, as she held him in high regard for his calm demeanor and great personal strength. For Johauna, his mere presence brought with it a pleasant and calming sensation. Her resulting level of comfort around Ergo prompted occasional discussions about whatever came to mind at the time. Among these meetings were training sessions wherein Ergo gave Johauna her first lessons on the subject of Telekinesis, effectively forming the basis for her continued training in this area.

The most memorable moment of their early time together came when Ergo included Johauna in an intensely personal moment in the form of a shared vision of his father being killed on the frozen world of Hoth. This experience further strengthened her already positive views of Ergo. However, even though she held in him in esteem and carried a deep respect for him, she kept her feelings about this Kel Dor Jedi Knight almost entirely private. She did wonder why wonder why Ergo seemed distanced from others, however, and so she approached then Jedi Knight Jamus Kevari to learn more about him and his background.

On 264.02 ABY her ruthlessness towards herself brought her to the breaking point. Despite many warnings from fellow students and Masters alike, she pushed herself even harder and her body gave up on her. She suffered serious damage to her knee due to excessive pressure and strain; the resulting injury leaving her unable to carry on with her physical training. The folly of her ways was evident even to her as she spent nearly an entire cycle recovering in the medical bay, and surprisingly there were those who stood by her the entire time. The dedication of her comrades made her think both more about them, and more of them. She was not yet fully able to understand or accept that others really cared about her, yet this did not seem to deter the likes of Kenta, Akalenn, Moza and Ergo Stomi.

Johauna was chosen as the Padawan Learner of Jedi Knight Ergo Stomi on 264.15 ABY, shortly after she recovered from the injury. She felt very honored by this choice, as well as surprised. The news of having been selected left her in a state of reflection for quite some time, though she found a new sense of determination in these moments. She vowed to become a more devoted student, because it was clear that she could not bear to let down her new Master, or herself.

In short order another part of Johauna’s past crept out of the shadows. Traces of Mando’a, the language of the Mandalorians, slowly began to emerge in her mind. This growing familiarity, unprompted by any studying at the time, made her suspect that she had some sort connection to these people. The suspicion was later proven true when she was contacted by Yule Ordi, a Mandalorian warrior, on 264.21 ABY. Yule called upon Johauna to assist in resolving a conflict within the Mandalorian Clan Ordi and, after rather long discussion with her Master, she was allowed to travel to Mandalore on her own.

Johauna took her leave, promising that she would return to complete her training as soon as the conflict was brought to an end. She ventured forth into the unknown to look upon a forgotten life, encountering surprises that she simply had not expected. Upon arriving on Mandalore Johauna was informed by Yule that she had been married to Drag Ordi, another Mandalorian Warrior of the same clan. Sadly, the shock of this news was immediately overshadowed by the grim tale of Drag’s death at the hands of a powerful criminal who operated under the alias “Black Widow”. This murderer had also, for reasons unknown at that time, marked Johauna for death by offering a bounty to any who would slay her. It seemed that the presence of a conflict within Clan Ordi was only the beginning of their troubles.

In time Johauna managed to bring peace to her clan, yet there was no peace to be had for herself. While she could not remember the entirety of her life with Drag, she could inherently sense the gravity of what he meant to her. The resurfacing of the feelings she had held for Drag caused her to suffer internally, as the true depths of her loss became increasingly clear. Recalling what it truly meant to be Mandalorian during the course of her time with Clan Ordi was also of no real comfort.

Johauna returned to Yavin-IV, left in a profound state of turmoil as a result of the events, memories, and feelings which were uncovered on Mandalore. She became hostile and distant, driving others away so that they would not see how she struggled to cope with all that had happened during her absence. Behind a wall of savage anger was hidden the great rift of sadness and loss, which held the truth that she could not bear to let others see. The resulting cyclical pattern of aggression and reclusive behavior lead to many conflicts with other students and masters alike, worsening matters considerably.

Johauna spent a lot of time in reflection, looking inward. It had become undeniable that the seemingly insurmountable anger which she carried with her was causing harm to herself and those around her. Her training had likewise slowed in the face of this obstacle, and it was apparent that she couldn’t go on like this any longer. Finally, on 265.17 ABY, she made a conscious choice to transition away from this state of mind. While working toward that end, she learned to control her emotions within meditations and during spars with her peers. Johauna also traveled off-world with Master Stomi on a few occasions, slowly trying to build up strong relationship with him.

However, it eventually came to pass that Master Stomi was frequently off-world on special missions which Johauna was not permitted to take part in. In her master’s absence she was left without a clear direction in which to focus her efforts, and anxieties grew within her. By the time of 267 ABY she came to the conclusion that there was no benefit from lingering in doubts or worries, and she resumed training under her own direction. Though she remained largely isolated from others, she had at least seized upon her sense of determination once more and she vowed to not become stagnant again. She carried on in this manner until the beginning of 269 ABY, when Master Stomi returned to the temple and once again lead the way in Johauna’s teachings.

Another year and half passed and Johauna remained dedicated to training with Master Stomi, though their relationship seemed to be rather strained. In fact, it seemed like Johauna’s relationship with everyone was rather strained by this point. As a result, she was left with a yearning for others to truly understand her and to see her as a person of value. A large part of this strong desire for understanding an camaraderie was directed towards her Master, and she had always hoped to become a valued part of a solid team with him. However, it seemed as though this kind of recognition was simply not obtainable. Being unable to earn the acknowledgment and respect of her Master in any overt or easily recognized way caused her a genuine dismay, though it was not in her nature to reveal this to others. As in previous cases, withholding her true feelings created internal strife that shook her from a position of control and negatively affected her mindset.

In 270 ABY, Johauna Darkrider followed her Master on a mission to planet in Outer Rim Territories. What had initially appeared to be a simple search and rescue operation was soon met with serious complications. While on the surface Master Stomi and Padawan Darkrider were confronted by a Dark Force user calling himself “Trilis.” The pair faced Trilis in battle and Ergo brought their attacker to the ground, leaving him disarmed and helpless. The death of Trilis seemed certain and Johauna spoke up in protest, feeling that it was unacceptable to kill an unarmed opponent. The weakened yet still very dangerous Dark Force user took advantage of the pause, springing forward to attack Ergo once more. In that moment all pretenses of mercy were forgotten and Johauna stepped forward to defend her Master with her very life, eventually killing Trilis personally.

This was the second instance wherein someone lost their lives at Johauna’s hands since she became a member of the Yavin-IV enclave, and this action likewise left its mark upon her. Shortly after the mission was concluded the true nature of Trilis was revealed to Johauna. She was told that this man had once been a companion of her Master, Jedi Knight Ergo Stomi, and that greed caused him to stray from the path of the Jedi. Trilis had fallen from grace, becoming a blight on the name of the Jedi and a scourge of the innocent, taking many lives in the course of his darkened path. There was a sharp divide in opinion at this point, with respect to how to handle such people. Her Master seemed to believe that some people, who have fully embraced a life of wickedness, were simply unable to turn away from that life and were too dangerous to keep alive. Johauna, on the other hand, believed that anyone could be spared and guided towards redemption if their will to reform was strong enough.

Later on in the same year Johauna was reassigned to become the apprentice of Jedi Master Jamus Kevari, the closest friend of Jedi Knight Ergo Stomi. Shortly afterward Master Stomi said his farewells and departed from the temple to do follow-up work in relation to previous off-world missions. This abrupt change struck Johauna very hard. She feared what it meant to lose the Mentor she trusted implicitly, as well as what the future held in the face of an entirely new teacher. As it turned out Master Kevari was a startlingly different kind of mentor, and not at all what Johauna had expected.

Master Kevari showed her a kindness and compassion that Johauna was simply unprepared for and unfamiliar with, which left her struggling to adapt to her new teacher. Where she had felt the relationship with her previous Master was very professional, and perhaps even cold, her new Master was warm, personal, positive and caring. He showed her the value of optimism and urged her to brighten her outlook on life. It was not easy for Johauna to accept or understand this way of thinking. However, by the time a few cycles had passed she had grown to respect Master Kevari and his point of view, deciding to strive towards a more optimistic and compassionate way of living.

At the very start of the next year Ryrek Flavius died in a fighter crash, which was caused by unexpectedly rough weather. Ryrek was a good friend of Johauna’s and the loss hit her terribly hard. She mourned for his loss, and also lamented how it was affecting her. While in the depths of sorrow an unexpected hand of mercy was extended to Johauna. Jedi Knight Arkallon, an unfamiliar figure who had only just returned from retirement, came to Johauna of his own free will and attempted to guide her out of despair. It was some time before Johauna was reconciled to passing of her friend such that she could move on, though a strong example was set by having a total stranger show her such care.

Difficult changes were seemingly seeing no shortages of supply, and barely a year later Johauna faced another tough time. Late in 271 ABY Jedi Master Jamus Kevari resigned his post and left the Jedi Order, without so much as a word to Johauna on the subject. Johauna only learned of Master Kevari’s departure by being spoken to by Jedi Knight Iverian Prey, a former apprentice and friend of Master Kevari. She was shocked and unable to believe that Master Kevari would leave her behind so suddenly, especially without even telling her. Johauna simply did not want to accept it, as it seemed to stand in conflict with what her most recent Master had taught her. Being left without any hope in sight for a future seemed to directly contradict the lessons of optimism and a positive outlook, at least at the time in question.

She withdrew immediately, shutting down and turning everyone away jut as he had in the past. Her heart was sinking and she felt too hurt to carry on. All of the beliefs and hopes that she had held onto as reasons to press forward seemed to vanish all at once, as if they were stolen away from her grasp. Losing the hope of ever having a mentor again, Johauna spent most of her in deliberate isolation and blaming herself for the inability to move on.

By the beginning of 272 ABY Johauna Darkrider had been approached by the inquisitive Mon-Calamari, Jedi Knight Arkallon, on several occasions. His interest was a point of curiosity and seemed rather strange at times. The two shared a number of talks all the same and, within a half-cycle of the years start, Arkallon offered Johauna another unexpected helping hand. He informed Johauna that he had in fact requested permission to take her as his Padawan Learner, and that his request had just been granted by the Jedi Council. This news came as a direct and unforeseen challenge to the belief that no one would ever step forward or choose her again; yet even in those moments she struggled with the loss of hope, the fear of failure, and an inability to trust in anything. Having lost another mentor, and so soon after the first, had left her broken and shattered inside. However, she did not fail to recognize the significance of this offer. Though it would be some time before she could learn to fully trust gain, she nonetheless quickly accepted Arkallon as her new Master.

Johauna and Arkallon had a cautious and tentative pace at the beginning of their time together as Mentor and Student. She struggled to overcome the many scars upon her heart and he showed her unrelenting patience in the process. Together they slowly worked on various issues, many of them originating from the struggles of her past, the harshness they bred within her and the way she appeared in the eyes of many others around the temple. While Johauna realized the importance of Jedi traits such as compassion and kindness, her reluctant nature presented an outside appearance which projected an unfavorable image. However, time spent with Arkallon started to pay off and she became more cheerful and more open towards her friends. In time she even developed witty sense of humor and found a measure of happiness in simply being who she was.

There is mutual respect and friendship between Johauna and Arkallon. Their abilities and strengths compliment one another and they have grown to appreciate the value of their differences, as well as their similarities. One particular occasion stands out as a strong example; the return of Yrael Grekkis. Yrael had one been a promising, yet very troubled Jedi Apprentice, who eventually committed serious crimes and was subsequently imprisoned. Yrael escaped and returned to Yavin-IV in the pursuit of some unknown and seemingly heinous ambitions, driven by an inner darkness which seemed to have consumed him. Arkallon and Johauna stood together to block his path and eventually captured Yrael, only to see him escape again. The pair dauntlessly pursued Yrael and they tried in earnest to peacefully help him see reason. However, the attempts at discussion were repeatedly interrupted by trickery and violence, forcing them to combat and capture Yrael yet again. Even though they were unable to save Yrael from his own darkness, they still learned that working together came naturally to them. Of equal importance, Johauna’s relentless hope for bringing Yrael to redemption earned Arkallon’s unequivocal respect.

From 273 through most of 275 ABY, Johauna wandered from system to system under the assumed alias of “Jenerra D’Halla”. During these two years she lived as a spacer, visiting other worlds to gain a better sense of society beyond the walls of the Jedi Temple. Seeing the unrest and difficulties in the day-to-day lives of ordinary people in the galaxy at large with her own eyes was quite an experience. Being among the people as a civilian made it clear that constant trouble reported in the Holonews was more than just sensationalist journalism gone awry. These sights and experiences showed her that there was a genuine need for good people who were willing to make a difference. With this expanded perspective in hand Johauna was filled with an even stronger resolve to complete her Jedi Training. Perhaps she would only be able to help a few people, and even then perhaps only a little, but she nevertheless strongly believed that such efforts add up to something worthwhile in the end.

Finally, in late 275 ABY, Johauna Darkrider returned to complete her training. She was welcomed back by friends and also met with another greeting, which was much less pleasant. A shot rang out from the gate-wall of the courtyard in the Jedi Temple, and Johauna was struck across the side of the head by a glancing blow. The would be assassin, suspected to be a Bounty Hunter, escaped into the jungles. Meanwhile, Johauna’s friends Azra’elre’nim and Nira’kalen’nuruodo were able to save her, though pursuit of the attacker proved to be futile in the end. Having no immediate leads to follow, Johauna was forced to contact Yule Ordi for assistance. It was hoped that Yule might be able to call upon his own contacts to shed light on the situation by exposing any open contracts on Johauna’s life, though no useful information was uncovered.

Late in 276 ABY a stranger arrived on Yavin-IV. Ordinarily this would not be a very noteworthy event, but this particular young man had many strikingly familiar features. From his red hair to his blue eyes, he seemed quite a lot like Johauna in appearance while being very much different in other respects. Eventually they crossed paths, and he introduced himself as Eugen Darkrider. Johauna was completely unable to accept that this person was related to her, and she was none too subtle in rejecting this possibility. Another piece of her forgotten past showing up without warning left her wracked with larger worries, which further fueled her inability to cope with the situation. The truth was finally revealed when Jedi Knight Rash Loist arranged for a blood test, confirming their familial relation conclusively. Though there had been a rather rough start, Johauna would eventually accept Eugen as her Brother and she grew to care for him a great deal.

For a time in and around this year Johauna also experienced bouts of medically unsafe exhaustion. She passed the seemingly countless waking hours reflecting on recent circumstances, to little avail. What few times she could find some measure of relief were soon followed by another stretch of dangerous restlessness. Blame, self-loathing and confusion spiraled around in her thoughts, dragging her down in a vicious cycle that made her once again unapproachable to most people.

By the beginning of 277 ABY Johauna’s mental and physical condition had contributed to serious conflicts with others around the temple. Even Master Arkallon was unable to mitigate the harm which came from the situation, and the Jedi Council stepped in. Johauna was sent to Coruscant to work within the Jedi Service Corps for one half of a year, in order to separate herself from the trials and tribulations of her time in the temple. It was hoped that this time away would help her to gain a better perspective on herself and the life she was leaving behind for awhile. Nevertheless, the Council having clearly lost patience with Johauna was a crushing blow to her morale. It felt as though the entire world had crumbled in on top of her and things seemed hopeless.

Johauna trudged through her work, brutally torn between hopelessness and the need to find a way forward. Though the path ahead seemed uncertain, perhaps even lost entirely, there were those who remained vigilant in walking alongside Johauna. The distance did little to deter the likes of Arkallon, Eugen, Nira’kalen’nuruorodo and Azra’elre’nim, who all remained in contact for the duration of her time away. Many messages were exchanged between her and these people. Through these efforts a small light pierced through the veil of dark times, and shone upon new hope. In spite of the heavy weight of doubt, shame, and blame she carried for herself, Johauna picked herself up and found the resolve to finish what she had started back on Yavin-IV. Through deep introspection and the messages from Arkallon, Johauna also gained a new perspective on many things. She realized the true value of her comrades and their friendship, such that she vowed to trust and to honor these people with her future actions. There were many other shifts in her perspective, and this is the time when she finally came to embrace the truth of her family.

Late in 277 ABY, Johauna Darkrider returned from her short exile to Coruscant. The trip home was not nearly as lonely, however, as Arkallon, Nira’kalen’nuruodo, Azra’elre’nim and Eugen personally came to bring her home. In spite of the sharp and painful downward spiral of emotion that had gripped her previously, she looked upon them with new eyes. She was ready to stand at the side of her people, rather than standing aside from them. She was ready to truly learn, to train, and to set foot on the path to redeeming herself in the eyes of everyone.

Soon Anti-Jedi sentiments would clog the Holonews channels and allogations circulated of full scale invasion of the Northern Commonwealth. The reports suggested that Chiss forces, perhaps even the national military of the Ascendancy itself, were the aggressors. In the early days of the invasion Jedi Knight Rash Loist was pronounced as “missing in action” on the world of Generis, presumably captured by the invading Chiss forces. Under orders from the Jedi Council, a strike force was assembled and dispatched with the singular goal of rescuing the lost guardian-protector of the Jedi Order. The Master-Padawan duo of Arkallon and Johauna were teamed with the great Jedi Master Jamus Kevari and the valiant Kenta; the four of them forming a nearly unprecedented show of force in terms of previous rescue operations which were launched from their enclave.

After avoiding a border inspection by Galactic Alliance forces, the four arrived on the surface of Generis and their mission began. Johauna and Arkallon were sent to disable the power junction supplying surface-to-space communications and the Turbo Laser tower guarding the local airspace. It was feared that a signal to the lingering Chiss fleet elements, though minimal, could greatly worsen the situation. Likewise, any escape attempt would end disasterously with the anti-aircraft defenses being capable of simply annihilating transports while en route. For these reasons the communications facility was the first target struck, to ensure a smooth run for the second phase of the assault. Remaining all but entirely unnoticed, the duo accomplished their task and paved the way for Master Kevari and Kenta to invade the facility where Master Loist was being held. Before long Johauna and Arkallon were informed that the second phase of the mission was also successful, and the five returned home in triumph. The rescue operation yet again proved how strong teamwork between Arkallon and Johauna was rather natural.

Soon after the mission to Generis, and near to the end of 278 ABY, it became apparent that a strong connection through the force had developed between Johauna Darkrider and Arkallon. Though it was initially troublesome, the bond between the Master-Padawan pair soon proved its value and furthered their mutual understanding.

Times were soon to be harsh and pitiless for the Jedi Order. A string of media debacles were followed by the assassination of then Mandalore Jhil Beviin, who allegedly died at the hands of a Jedi. After great stirrings of further Anti-Jedi sentiments and political manuevering, The Galactic Alliance ordered the Jedi to leave their space. Rather than face the bloody and merciless vengeance of the Mandalorians, the Alliance cast out their long-term allies. Shortly thereafter, and while appeals still circulated, the Yavin-IV temple was attacked by the Mandalorians in full force. The Jedi of Yavin-IV and their compatriots stood together in the face of horrific battles, fighting for their comrades, their principles, and their very lives. Johauna took to the lines of defense, eventually being joined by her teacher. She fought to protect her fellows and to make sure that no one would be left behind. However, terrible sacrifices were paid for the safe withdraw of the Jedi and their scant few allies. Jedi Knight Nivek Tholmai became one with the Force in the battle with Mandalorians and many others were seriously wounded, including Johauna.

Wandering the space with no destination, the Jedi eventually sought refuge on the surface of Tatooine. The system was known to contain many dangerous and hostile parties, though they landed for simple want of a neutral port of call in which to offer the beleaguered refugees a brief respite and a chance to resupply. To this end the Masters decided to occupy an old palace of a former Hutt crime lord as their temporary shelter. While necessary on a number of levels, the choice backfired. The palace was besieged by massive hordes of Tusken Raiders, no less than twice in a short period of time. Once again many Jedi were wounded, with many of them being barely having recovered from the previous clashes with the Mandalorians. Likewise, Johauna and Arkallon once again took to the field of battle and, with a unison of motion and purpose, they placed their lives on the line to safeguard the lives of their fellows.

Ultimately the danger of lingering in the abandoned palace proved to be far too great, and the refugees were forced to retreat yet again. Luckily, they were offered a place to stay by Ebon Raddyx’s, the father of Baelin. This was not an entirely selfless acton his part, however, and he requested several favors of the Jedi in repayment for the shelter, supplies and parts required to ensure the security of the vagabond Jedi. The safety of the Raddyx Corp. facility was eventually shattered by the intrusion of a dangerous Dark Force user, and the refugees once again moved on to avoid further risks. With seemingly no where left to go to and no one else to turn to, help came from an unexpected source. The eccentric Jedi Knight-Artisan Kavilo Pravaro, a friend of Jedi Knight Aslyn Denethorn and Padawan Zeak Dystiny, generously opened his home and workshops to the battle-weary group. With the invitation given freely, Johauna and her comrades made their way to Kamino.

The following days on Kamino were tranquil times for Johauna, as she was finally being given some respite and time to recover. Her mentor was rarely seen during this time, though he eventually emerged from the workshops for a very special occasion. Further to the already strong bond between them, Arkallon passed his lightsaber to Johauna. This symbolic gesture is very significant among Jedi and reflects their unity, as well as Arkallon’s great faith in her continuing personal and spiritual growth. Johauna accepted the great honor without hesitation, acknowledging that it also furthers the depth of their connection.

Around the start of 280 ABY the Yavin-IV refugees were forced to leave Kamino, and they ended up heading for Alzoc-III. Johauna initially lingered behind with Arkallon, before traveling to the Mos Kreetle starport on Tatooine to handle an important errand. With some deliberation, they eventually choose to rejoin their comrades on Alzoc-III, incidentally arriving on the same date that the Galactic Alliance Senate officially revoked their banning of the Jedi Order from their territories.