JEDI HoloNet

Joc’a Vel


Homeworld: Eriadu

Species: Kel Dor


Born into a trader’s guild during their twilight years, it won’t come as a surprise that Joc’a Vel’s formative years weren’t the greatest. From the phase of shifting guild-masters to the lack of a real father figure, Joc’a was usually left to his own devices. Whether that be reading or sitting down watching pods go by. Throughout the early years the only real person to play an active role in his life was his mother. A Kel Dor born on Dorin and former pilot. She’d sit and tell him stories of Dorin and the ancient Baran Do Sages of their home world.

During the vast majority of day to day life the trader’s guild ran cargo shipments from Eriadu to Averam consisting of Industrial grade metals. Of course, Joc’a and his mother were on those shipments and when it came time to work they were both drafted in. That being to either move cargo or prepare droids. Being light work, this didn’t net the two of them much in the way of income. Food, already being relatively scarce in the outer rim, started to become an issue. The guild didn’t provide enough; they were too busy holding their own cards in the game of who is next to lead. Throughout the next 2 years this would only worsen, from the ages 7 to 9 life became a chore of work and scavenging to make it until the next day.

During a regular stop at a nearby station on Eriadu, Joc’a began to wander, as he usually did. Looking around at the pods, ships, even small frigates that were docked, his eyes wandered over to a nearby bistro. That bistro would become his next scavenging target. He looked around the establishment for a solid couple of minutes until he was finally ready. He wanted something small, just some fruit for himself and his mother, just to tide them over for the next few hours. A quick movement and within less than 10 seconds he had that fruit and was out the door on his way back to the landing pads, during that manic sprint he bumped into what he now knows as a Jedi Watchman.

Throughout the next few hours what followed was a string of debate and contest within the Guild on what should be done with Joc’a. The Jedi wanted him but so did the Guild, recruiting new members was costly and why let one who can grow into the guild go so easily? An ultimatum was eventually given by the guild. If Joc’a was to leave for the Jedi his only parent would serve the guild in perpetuity as payment. Unbeknownst to Joc’a his mother accepted these conditions and within the next day he was on a transport toward Rannon.