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Jiyah Thomislaw


Homeworld: N/A

Species: Ubese


Jiyah was technically born on Nar Kreeta, but as far back as she can remember, her parents’ freighter has always been home. They were constantly on the move, working as Bounty Hunters and Slavers for the Hutts. She was taught at a young age to hide in a secret compartment of the ship whenever her parents were away at work and would usually only be let out whenever they were on the ship. As such, Jiyah became very comfortable in small, tight spaces.

As she grew, her parents taught her to be able to defend herself. With very close supervision she became a decent shot by the age of 9, a decent hand to hand combatant (for her age) by the age of 12. Jiyah grew into a very rough tendency due to her father, often celebrating little victories with exchanged punches to the arm and rough housing.

During a long term contract arms deal with the Hutts, a few Jedi from the Ossus temple infiltrated the storage. It was Jiyah’s first job her parents were allowing her to take part in, since it should have been a simple ‘guard the stash’ operation. Needless to say, during the Jedi’s scouting mission, one had hidden behind a box, and seemingly for no reason at all, Jiyah jumped to attention and fired right over the box before she could even look. Puzzled by their daughter’s action, her father went to investigate, and her mother questioned her. “Why did you fire, Jiyah?”

“There’s something there.” Was all she said.

Her father found nothing, so they brushed off her feeling – but the Jedi did not. They returned a day or so later, more in numbers to arrest everyone that was at the hideout. Jiyah’s blood was tested on the spot; She could have been sent into the juvenile system as punishment for her criminal relations, but they decided to give her a chance. Jiyah was stripped of any weapons, given proper robes and a less concealing breath mask and dropped off at the Rannon Praxeum.