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Jhaal Kiir


Homeworld: Nar Shaddaa

Species: Cathar


Jhaal Kiir was born on Cathar, in a litter of only one other child, that didn’t survive. He was the second to be born. His time on Cathar, however was so short lived the boy had no memory of it outside of the stories he was told by his mother. Whom, had fled their homeworld after a falling out with Jhaal’s father. They managed to find shelter on Nar Shadaa, where his mother took up the position working for a Hutt Cartel as security, in exchange they didn’t enslave her young son.

Though, despite the rough start of the new life, she took to her job without fail. This however, left her with little time spent with young Jhaal. Who, seemed to have little fear exploring the crime-ridden streets of Corellian Sector of Nar Shaddaa, as a Cathar, he seemed to fit right in with all the other strange and new creatures he’d come in contact with, though he didn’t quite care for some of the humans he saw. As a result, he picked up at least three other dialects, in addition to the Catharese and Huttese he already knew.

Time went on, and eventually, Jhaal found himself on the wrong end of urchin gang trying to use him to gain leverage against his mother’s boss, to gain favor with a rival Hutt.

It started off as a friendly group of kids looking for recruits to their gang, they came across Jhaal exploring a nearby dump for scrap. They took exception to the fact that he was a Cathar, and decided he was worth their time to engage. It started off with a game, that ended in them letting Jhaal win to further gain his trust. Which wasn’t hard for Jhaal,being six, and up until now, not having any friends, or even a droid to talk too most days. Not to mention Cathar were fairly rare in this sector.

It took about a week, or so, before the gang had completely decided to let Jhaal in, though they’d done everything possible to make it look real. And for the next several months, Jhaal had friends he could play with. Even if their definition was causing trouble, stealing, and sneaking, though, Jhaal found that he was good at this sort of thing. Really good. He couldn’t explain it. It gave him the nickname ‘Sticky’ which was shortened to ‘Sticks’ and somehow spelled ‘Styx’.

Eventually, all good things must come to an end, and just a little after his seventh birthday, Jhaal found himself being brought before their boss. A lieutenant, of a rival Hutt who had been paying the gang to befriend him. Words were said, tears were shed, and at the end of it all, Jhaal was alone.

His mother was taken out. He found himself almost a slave to the Copious, most Grand Executor, Master Grrarg the Hutt. If not for the the intervention of Jedi, who’d sensed the boy’s potential, and by extension the pain. It was a simple matter of calmly negotiating the release of the boy. Which of course, turned into a blaster fight, as it does when Hutts are involved.

Thankfully, Knight Ilasez Ixior was expecting this, and managed to get the boy to safety, if not injuring a few goons on their way out. They had escaped on the Jedi’s starship, and into hyperspace. Once it was calm, the Knight explained to Jhaal who and what he was. They traveled together for a brief time, in which the basics were explained, his connection to the Force, and the Jedi.

It was enough to help put Jhaal on the path to becoming a Padawan, to understand his loss, and try to let go. And so he was left, again, alone, but with hope and a new insight, at the Rannon Praxeum.