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Jenny Wrix

Jenny Wrix
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Tatooine

Mentor(s): Tomoran Serevarno

Species: Twi'lek


A kind and somewhat reserved girl, Jenny offers a warm composure, friendly smile and reassuring word to those she meets. Her training has promoted her natural agility and balance, leaving her extremely coordinated and light on her feet, making her an excellent practitioner of speed and jumping. Behind this, she is a very dexterous saberist and a tricky opponent in general, no doubt thanks to the influence of her Mentor.


Jenny Wrix, born and raised in the capital city of Bestine on the planet Tatooine, 264.XX raised by her mother Jana Wrix and her father Laarc Wrix. Jenny lived a normal day-to-day life with her parents and everything seemed in its place. When she had grown to the age of ten, Jenny started helping out her father with the industrial sized mineral extractor Laarc worked on, used for extracting: ore, iron, and gemstone. Laarc sold these resources to traders for a living, it wasn’t much, but it kept their lives going. One day while working at the extractor, something had malfunctioned at the factory launching debris at Jenny. With no time to react, she held her arms out in front of her as the pieces of metal crashed into her left arm. She was cut by the shrapnel which left a scar from their lack of Bacta, she had completely ignored the fact that the metal did not kill her, and didn’t want to work at the extractor anymore, she went to helping her mother at her house.

Approaching her thirteenth birthday, she started having nightmares about Sand People attacking the extractor where her father works. After the nightmares became more frequent she told her mother and father about these nightmares she was having, and they told her not to worry about them anymore, they were only dreams. One day Laarc didn’t return home, Jenny and her mother were worried about Laarc because there was a sandstorm coming, when it hit he still had not came back. After the sandstorm passed an old friend of Laarc, Cal Ores, came to their house and announced that Laarc had died in a Sand People raid, Jenny was very depressed after hearing the news and it devastated her for weeks.

Shortly after her fifteenth birthday, two men came to their door, and said they have been looking over Jenny. They began talking to Jana alone, saying they wanted to test Jenny to see if she was force-sensitive, they spoke of how she felt strong in the force. Later that same day Jenny and her mother had a discussion about this big decision and decided to have Jenny tested. The watchmen talked to Jenny directly, explaining what would happen and said that she should be sent to Coruscant for testing, she wanted to go. Jenny went with the watchmen to Coruscant. After staying on Coruscant for over a month now, they still did not have a conclusion whether or not she was force-sensitive, they told Jenny she would be sent to the planet of Yavin IV to be evaluated by Jedi, unaware of what Yavin was she accepted.

Jenny spent a couple of years on Yavin IV, becoming acquainted with Knights, Padawans, Initiates and Hopefuls alike. Being introduced to new things she had never witnessed before, things like lightsabers, the force, and Jedi. Attending classes, watching others train, and even earning a wooden replica of a lightsaber. She met hopefuls such as Illrian, Eugen, Agitt, Wrrladdik, Baelin, and Imil. Jenny quickly became friends with these hopefuls and shared almost every day with one another, then everything changed when the Mandalorians attacked. The attack was successful and caused the Jedi to evacuate the temple, there was only one casualty, Knight Nivek Tholmai died in the attack and troubled Jenny for a long time, not just the death of a Master but the destruction of their home, their new home for the time being was a transport ship.

Things seemed to be getting better after a while, the ship didn’t seem too bad to Jenny after settling in. Despite getting used to the ship she still had trouble accepting the fact Yavin’s temple was destroyed, she couldn’t help herself but dwell on it. News of them stopping in need of supplies was good and lifted her spirits, allowing her to get off of the ship for a while, however, knowing that they were stopping on Tatooine was even better. Unfortunately, or fortunately in some eyes, they did not stop near Bestine, but they had actually stopped at a landmark. A palace of particular interest to some, but not Jenny, she had no knowledge of the location. Being back on her home planet excited her, bringing back memories of her days with her parents. They did not stay in the area for very long, another attack drove them away from the palace, one of Jenny’s most disliked inhabitants of Tatooine, she was not there to actually see the attack from the Sand People, because of her current hopeful status she was kept away from the entrance where the fight was happening.

Once more, Jenny and the rest of the Order went back into their transport to depart, luckily for her she wasn’t saying goodbye to her home planet just yet. Since they never stayed there long enough to get the supplies they were looking for, their next destination was an outpost run by Raddyx Industries, which is owned by Ebon Raddyx who is also Baelin’s father. Jenny enjoyed her time on her home planet of Tatooine but once more was forced to leave in search of a new home, she gathered her things and said goodbye to the facility and the planet before drifting off into space for their new destination.

Jenny grew tired of traveling from place to place without having enough time to really settle down, this changed when they stopped on the water world of Kamino. She disliked the fact of it constantly raining but liked the facility they were at, it was white, clean, and peaceful, she had never seen such a place in her life. During her stay she was able to get over her depression of the Mandalorian attack, her life started to improve. After staying at the facility for several months a knight by the name of Tomoran Serevarno came to the facility, to Jenny he seemed like an odd character, his bright yellow eyes and intensely tan skin interested her. The knight was from Coruscant, and for reasons unknown to Jenny he came to their order. A mysterious figure and somewhat untrustworthy to Jenny for some reason. At least a year passed and the refugees of Yavin had finally found their final destination.

Alzoc III is a frozen world in the Outer Rim Territories, inhabited by a sentient species called Talz. This would soon be the home of the new Jedi Order of Alzoc III. Jenny didn’t like the planet at first, it was the opposite of Tatooine, cold being the main problem for her. She lived at a camp with the rest of the order, it was a small valley with several cabins, there was a bunker tucked into the side of the mountain which led to a strange platform with walk-ways surrounding it. A frozen lake, monuments, and a platform for their ship. It was a nice place to settle down for a while. So Jenny’s hopeful life continued, classes were held, lessons were learned, times were good. Things even managed to get better, one day while walking around the campgrounds she was called to the bunker, when she reached the bottom of the elevator she was greeted by Emilia Carizk and was led to a room she never had access to before, in that room stood Master Soh Raun, Knight Arkallon, Knight Aayla Vigil, and Knight Emilia Carizk.

Jenny was uncertain of what was going on at first but began to catch on, they asked her to name the object that was on a datapad, she wasn’t allowed to see it and still guessed each object without hesitation. She was then told to approach Arkallon, he asked her to choose a number between one and ten, Jenny chose seven, and was given a Initiates training hilt with a blue crystal powering it. She had just been initiated into the Jedi Order. After accepting it, she started down her path to becoming a Jedi. After her initiation she was told there was a structure up the mountain and some of her friends were going with one of the Knights to go see it, she turned down the offer. However, years later, everyone was notified they were moving once more. Fortunately it was just up the mountain, the structure they were talking about was an Enclave she would soon make her home.

After the long and cold hike up the mountain Jenny gave her first glance at the temple like structure, eager to get out of the cold, everybody entered the Enclave. This Enclave, became the Order’s new settlement, the refugees of Yavin IV became the new Jedi Order of Alzoc III, it also became Jenny’s new home. Years after making the enclave her home she began to learn how to channel the force, courtesy of Knight Tomoran Serevarno, the man who Jenny believed at first was untrustworthy because of how he came to the Order after their home had been destroyed, she considered the worst case scenario at first. Now that it is all behind her, she has gotten to know him better, he was personally teaching her how to channel the force through her to perform tasks, she was very happy with it. A couple months of training allowed her to become more familiar with channeling the energy through her, and she was soon able to jump twice her normal height because of it.

Jenny had just finished a jump course with Knight Kenta before taking a short break off to the side, she began talking to Tomoran. Half way into the conversation,

“I have some bad news, I got to thinking about our little chat yesterday and it reminded me of my own quest to become a better individual, and a better Jedi. Figured why not try it together? Then I decided to take you as my apprentice.”

Jenny was awestruck by the notion of Tomoran being her master. She was very excited by this action, and made a simple reply,

“That’s great!”.

Ever since that day, Tomoran Serevarno and Jenny Wrix have been training vigorously, fighting countless holograms, studying the endless archives, and hoping to one day become a true Jedi.