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Homeworld: Dantooine

Species: Shistavanen


Dantooine’s not too shabby a place to settle down, if you’re planning on living a quiet life. A humble shistavanen merchant and his wife decided upon doing just that. They had three children. Two strong healthy boys, and then there was Jen-Da. The girl, runt of the lot, and a stunted one at that. She was of course no less adored than her older siblings, and they each shared an equal amount of care and attention provided by their parents. Life out on the emerald green fields was fairly forgiving, as long as one didn’t mind tilling the soil, and managing livestock. Everyone did their part, even the young girl. Though it seemed her highest priority was to have a good time, which she did often with the aid of her brothers. Mischief was quite abundant whenever the lot were together, often times it would land them in trouble. But the thrill of adventure was worth it to them. And their rampant shenanigans did make for some good stories, which their mother could share with her friends when the opportunity for a visit would arise. However, nothing lasts forever….
Both boys would eventually grow old enough to learn their fathers trade, and so he took them travelling alongside him for the sake of mentoring them. Meanwhile Jen-Da was left in the care of her mother, who watched over her for yet another year in solitude out on those fields. When she reached the sage of six, Jen-Da’s mother arranged for them to take a trip off world. It certainly was an exciting experience, however the young pup felt an eerie sensation of dread wash over her during said travels. Her mother had gone mute, she barely responded when she herself when she would ask about where they were going, or when her father would return. It was as if her mother was pushing her own daughter away, severing that bond which they had established through out Jen-Da’s childhood. Clearly she liked it no more than her daughter did, but she surely had her reason. Their travels came to an abrupt halt, they had reached their final destination. And much to the young girl’s dismay, it was time to part ways. No explanations were given, there were no hugs or promises of either getting to see the other again. Jen-Da had been dropped off alongside another couple of children, met with strange hooded figures that were to examine and evaluate each young individual.
When all was said and done, two were turned away and thus allowed to return home with their parents. Meanwhile five others, including the young shistavanen were taken to one of various jedi temples to be further monitored as a hopeful.
Jen-Da felt as though she was left with an overwhelming amount of unanswered questions, but one bitter feeling trumped the rest. And it was the kind of disappointment that can only be experienced by one family member, in response to another’s treachery.