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Jaxxton Bonham


Homeworld: Arkania

Species: Lorrdian


Jaxxton Bonham Jr, was the son of Jaxx & Circa Bonham who were two free living Lorrdian immigrants and diamond miners on the planet, Arkania. They spoke fluent basic but with that Lorrdian Twang of an accent that their famous for. In this family it was thick and strong in their speech and the classic Lorrdian swagger was easily noticeable.

When investigating a mysterious theft at one of the mines a Jedi knight discovered the trio eating their dinner one evening while looking for a meal himself. The family sat as they did in the Cantina on any normal night but the Mysterious bearded human Jedi wouldn’t take his eyes off them. Jaxxton Senior was visibly nervous as the group finished their dinner and quickly left the Cantina.

The rest of the family knew that something was wrong right away, as Lorrdians are masters of gesture and mimicry. When people faint even the slightest misdirection, it can be easily picked up by the most daft of, Lorrdians.

Jaxxton Senior revealed that he and a partner had stolen the diamonds, his family was shocked and disturbed he confessed that he had taken several million credits worth of the mine stock and been slowly hiding it all this time on top of his pay.

His honesty was poorly timed as the Cloaked Jedi had followed him out into the city streets and had completely overheard the story. Though originally, the Jedi had absolutely no leads on that problem he felt the strong connection through the force that Jaxx Jr seemingly had and inadvertently, discovered the diamond thief in the process.

The man revealed himself as a “watchman” for the order and was strong in sensing the force in people. After a long peaceful discussion, the Jedi and Jaxx senior made a deal. The deal was that if the man were to give the Jedi the location of the diamonds, he’d let his wife and him make a break for it or continue on as they saw fit, however; the deal has a stipulation. The stipulation was that Jaxx Junior be taken and tested at the Jedi academy on Arkania.

Knowing the horrors that awaited them if they were to be thrown into prison the parents did what they thought was best for everyone and turned him over to the Jedi deciding they wanted to be off world by the time the diamonds were turned in.

The family was confused and shaken up by these events, they always thought that Jaxxton Senior was a good man and wouldn’t have done this but his mimicry was too strong for even them to see. They said their good byes in the alleyway as Jaxx Jr, now eight years old leaves with the Jedi to the enclave. Upon completing his investigation the Jedi never revealed who was to blame. Only the diamonds were returned as Jaxx and Circa disappeared

After it’s rebuild by the healers of the Arkanian Jedi Enclave, “Jaxx” was enthralled by their ways and was always eager to learn more about the mysticism of the Jedi. They began to instruct him as a initiate, though he retains his thick Lorrdian accent and unyielding love for his parents, he knew that this chance was one in a lifetime and decided to take it.

Jaxx wasn’t like the other beings at the Arkanian enclave. While they meditated like statues sometimes for days, Jaxx played and ran, with his light saber and because of this was quickly advancing in the light saber arts only with unrefined misguidance. He wasn’t like them, no matter how badly he tried to impress the serene Jedi they were unaffected and uninterested by his seeming inability to be more serious as he would often joke and laugh loudly, not to mention the fact that many of their residents were hyper intelligent Arkanians where he only held a normal level of intellect. They recognized this and discussed a possible transfer to, Alzoc Three, feeling that their institution would be better for his growth. Admittedly, if you asked him he felt a little cast away by their suggestion but having already started his training he adhered to their advice and the transfer was initiated.

Jaxxton Bonham Jr. Is now thirteen years of age