JEDI HoloNet

Jaqobi Dosunn

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Mirial

Mentor(s): Shu Ra

Species: Mirialan


Jaqobi is the only son out of four siblings in a nomadic family of mirialan drifters. Traveling around in the outer rim for generations, this family has not completely forgotten about the importance of the force, their ties to it are too strong. Though their understanding is vague and vastly different.

So when Jaqobi’s family came upon Rannon and had a fateful encounter with one the Praxeum’s instructors, the parents were quick to offer up their enthusiastic son. His sisters on the other hand would remain with their mother as they were far less enthusiastic about the possibility of leaving the nest. For Jaqobi however, the opportunity to be initiated was not one he’d let slip him by. Even if he wasn’t suited to become an initiate, at least he knew he’d given it a shot.