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Jao Ryn

Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Coruscant

Mentor(s): Hyd Marin*

Species: Keshiri

Padawan(s): Rhuacca


Jao is capable of taking in huge amounts of energy thanks to the ability of Force Absorb and even at her young age she is seen as a Master of all aspects of Tutaminis. Though she’s incapable of “traditional” telekinesis, she can release previously absorbed energy into blasts or speed. Jao tends to find other means than igniting her hilt, but it is known that she is a user of Form I, Shii-Cho.


Jao is kind hearted, helpful soul. On Coruscant, she was known for her investigational skills and her sometimes unconventional ways of solving problems. Jao has successfully detained numerous killers and solved countless mysteries, even going so far to work undercover. She has trained one Padawan to Knighthood.



Jao Ryn was born to Te Ryn (Mother) and Liur Ryn (Father). Her mother works as a legal consultant, often working closely with the Senate. Liur currently holds the rank of Jedi Master at first the Temple of Coruscant though he currently resides on Dantooine. Jao also has a twin brother, Tian. While Tian is also Force Sensitive, his midichlorian count and connection was too low to receive official training. He now owns a restaurant in the upper levels of Coruscant. In her early childhood, Jao spent most of her time playing with neighbourhood friends.


Since her Father is a Jedi Master, the Order had been aware of her Force Sensitivity since her birth. It was shortly after Jao’s fifth birthday that she was initiated into the Jedi Order, at the Coruscant location. Even at a young age she was self-motivated and driven, catching the eyes of several Knights and Masters alike. Two years after her initiation, she was taken on by a Jedi Knight, later Master, by the name of Hyd Marin, a collected, emotionless Epicanthix.

Jao’s training initially began with the ethics and morals of the Jedi. It became clear to Master Marin that while she was indeed strong with the Force, she mainly focused on Augmentation and Telekinesis. Together, Hyd and Jao trained, her abilities quickly growing under the seasoned mentor. As her training progressed, Jao started considering fields to enter. Due to her attention to detail, she soon took to the idea of being a investigator. She began to receive training in the field, not only from the Order itself but from the local authorities on Coruscant as well. Jao was ultimately Knighted for solving a case of multiple homicide, tracking down, and detaining the killer behind them.


Knighted at the young age of eighteen, Jao wasted no time in becoming a part of investigators on Coruscant. She quickly became known for solving murder cases and detaining the mentally unstable that had committed crimes.

During her Knighthood, Jao continued her own training in the areas that she already knew best: Augmentation and Telekinesis. In addition to her Investigator duties, Jao began training as Lightsaber Artisan, under one of leading artisans on Coruscant, Inrez Valex. As time went by, she also took up a role as a Jedi Watchman, assisting in finding new Force Sensitives for the Order as well as working with local authorities and goverments to help with crimes.
While her Master was worked entirely with the Jedi Shadow, Ryn avoided the war as much as she could. When not helping out with crimes, she drifted throughout the Galaxy, stopping Jedi Temples when possible. The time away from the Jedi directly taught Jao many different lessons of the more grimy workings of the Galaxy. With the conflict now over, Jao Ryn has now decided to take residence at the Rannon Praxeum and to continue with her duties as a Watchman.


On 359.13, Jedi Knight Jao Ryn was shot and killed during a sting operation on Coruscant.