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Jamus Kevari

Jamus Kevari
Jedi Master - Former Council Advisor

Homeworld: Dantooine

Mentor(s): Alkaiser Aruladan, Ctathos Ederoi

Species: Human

Padawan(s): Cyril Feraan, Iverian Prey, Shandrila Simbul, Johauna Darkrider, Valon Rachius


Jamus Kevari is defined as the de-facto master of combat at the Jedi Enclave of Alzoc III, and in such possesses a natural aptitude for the Lightsaber and Martial Arts. Subsequent talents include his capacities in the fields of Speed and Resistance, as well as an innate ability to sense the emotions of others.


Jamus Kevari was born adjacent to the location of Galvin Mining Station, Dantooine, on 231.09. Alexia Kevari, a divorcée to a mining operations supervisor named Rayden Farx, gave birth to Jamus in a small hospital just outside of the settlement. Though Farx was indeed the father of Jamus Kevari, Alexia was left to raise her child on her own as Farx continued his life of mundane mediocrity without the burden of marriage. After one and a half years of raising Jamus and struggling to find work, the mother and son moved to the larger Hendrake Settlement, located 7.6 klicks away from the Jedi Enclave of Dantooine. There, Alexia found work as a courtesan to the local elite and was able to provide ample funds for the two immigrants, although in doing so she greatly sacrificed her pride.

After just under four years of living in Hendrake, Jamus was enrolled into primary schooling where he would show moderately above-average aptitude for his age, as he was marked for his quiet and polite demeanor. This disposition would likely have changed, however, when Alexia Kevari was taken off-planet against her will by an old and wealthy Telosian businessman to become his personal mistress, never to be discovered by the token authorities. After Alexia was officially declared a missing person, Rayden Farx was requested to take care of Jamus, but refused and was met with little quarrel from the local oligarchy. With no siblings or living parents from Alexia and Rayden, the unfortunate circumstances left Jamus without a known family on the planet. Consequently, he was thrown into the care of unnamed foster parents.

At some point during his time under foster care, Jamus made his first encounter with the Jedi Order in the form of a female Mirialan Jedi Knight named Yena Tohhl. Tohhl, who was fueling her speeder after coming back from a local mission, encountered Kevari as he was playing alone in the streets. Reportedly “feeling a substantial presence of the Force within [Kevari],” Tohhl made the necessary arrangements with Kevari’s foster parents to bring him to the enclave for potential acceptance into the Jedi Order. Though Kevari had gone through trying emotional times, he appeared willing to follow the Mirialan woman whom he personally called “Miss Pretty Lady.” After Tohhl presented Kevari to the Dantooine Council and Kevari’s Force-sensitivity was confirmed, it was decided that he would be sent to Yavin IV to detach his connection to his home planet, as well as to bolster the small numbers of the Yavin IV Praxeum.

Kevari entered the Temple grounds with an escort and was soon accommodated by the Yavin Jedi. As his Initiation was pending review by the Yavin Council, Kevari would humbly seek to amuse his young thoughts. For the time being, the young Kevari would roam the halls, at times playing with the other few boys his age, as well as becoming more accustomed to the frequent mentionings of the Force. After some time, Jamus Kevari was Initiated and placed into the Twirrl Clan, along with a few others such as Sarrecm’ar’reccarve and Zyrn Maron. Just a few days after this occasion, the Academy made the decision to move its headquarters to another Jedi Temple on Bespin, one that was last in use during the time of the Clone Wars. Still green to the Jedi life, Kevari was nevertheless eager to follow this new road of change. After all, those foster parents were never really nice like these new, enigmatic people.

On Bespin, Kevari would show great promise as he would easily grasp the brand new knowledge being taught, as well as being able to easily hone the foundations of his connection to the Force and skills with the lightsaber. Becoming more vocal over the immediate couple of years, Kevari was a prime example of a gregarious, dedicated youngling. The Council soon acknowledged his progress and bestowed upon him the title of Padawan, making him more than qualified to become a Jedi Knight or Master’s apprentice. However, Kevari’s hopes of apprenticeship would be extended over a good few years, but he nevertheless made some progress in the area of brotherhood.

Soon after receiving the title of Padawan, Kevari would befriend a young Kel Dor named Ergo Stomi, who had recently been Initiated himself, as well as the Mirialan Asphar Du whom was one of the first younglings Initiated following the move to Bespin. Though the three would remain close for many years, history would show that Kevari’s friendship with Stomi would be all the more durable in comparison to his fraternity with Du. Nevertheless, Kevari would spend the majority of his free time outside of studies with his brothers, picking up a few traits from them that some would consider undesirable. The three young boys would often cause mischief throughout the Temple, often wrestling in the main walkways and teasing their other peers. Though the three would find great fun in this, the three were soon brought in by the Council and disciplined accordingly. Things would turn a bit brighter for however as Kevari along his friend Ashpar Du were taken as the apprentices of the Nautolan Jedi Knight Alkaiser Aruladan, correlating with Ergo Stomi being put under the guidance of Jedi Knight Rash Loist.

Alaways a tall, dreary sort of a man to Kevari, Aruladan’s training over the course of two years would reflect Kevari’s description of the Nautolan. Conversations based on the blights of society and the fallacies of the Jedi would often take up the course of training. There would be sporadic physical training lessons, though nothing more than Kevari would have spent on his own each day if he was still without a mentor. Eventually, Aruladan would suffer from cases of insanity due to a cancerous tumor in his brain, and the tipping point of the pair’s relationship occurred when Kevari requested more focus in the Lightsaber Arts. Aruladan would insult Kevari and chastise him for choosing “the path of the barbaric warrior.” A few days later, while Asphar Du remained under the tutelage of Aruladan, Kevari was transferred and put under the guiding wing of Jedi Knight Ctathos Ederoi.

Jamus Kevari would think Ctathos Ederoi no less than a fearsome enigma for as long as he would know the man. Ederoi carried rumors that he was of an undocumented species, so-called the Paetulian race. He had bright, white hair and piercing red eyes, further appearing strange with an orange skin akin to the distinction of an Arkanian. Blind, and a master swordsman, he left the Order some years prior only to come back now– as the Master of Jamus Kevari.

The training itself was a strike contrast to that of Aruladan’s. Ederoi would infuse motivation with immense physical training, pushing Kevari far past his limits. Ederoi would fuel Kevari’s natural talent as a swordsman, as well as seeking to increase his ability in combat-related techniques. Several lessons on ethics and history were given from Ederoi to Kevari, usually corresponding with thousand-word essays. Though he was indeed a brutally tough mentor to Kevari, he would always regard him in the highest respect. Being the current Battlemaster of the Bespin Enclave, Ederoi would himself be a point of motivation to Kevari, as the latter would aspire greatly to be in his Master’s position.

The years passed, and the enclave on Bespin would be evacuated due to anti-Jediism and relocated back to the Yavin IV Praxeum. At this point in time, Ergo Stomi was still under the tutelage of Rash Loist, though Asphar Du was now under the guidance of Jedi Master Gabe Alkorda, following the suicide of Alkaiser Aruladan. The time would not only allow Kevari to strengthen his connection to the Force, but also mature into a young man. Eventually, Kevari was sent alone as well as with his Master on investigative missions for the Galactic Alliance. His final mission as a Padawan Learner would happen on Coruscant, where business was quiet if anything. After a mostly successful stay, the Master and Padawan pair were returning to their ship, only to have Ederoi retreat back for his forgotten cloak. As Kevari waited alone by the shuttle, he was taken by surprise by an armed assailant, his reflexes a split-second too slow. When his Master arrived, the assailant was dispatched, but nevertheless Kevari was in a state close to death.

Rushing to a medical station on the planet, Kevari was put under immediate care, however there was a shortage of blood in the small station, which was what Kevari required for survival. With no other choice, Ederoi donated his own blood. There would be no controversy in this decision if it was not for the fact Ederoi was of the Paetulian race. Nevrtheless, Kevari’s body accepted the donation and was kept alive.

Returning to Yavin IV, Kevari healed in bacta and rested for many days until his strength returned. The consequences of the attack on his life left a deep scarring on the right side of his forehead– a mark he still bears today. It was rumored that Kevari had also been mutated due to the transfusion of his Master’s blood. Some would say that Kevari’s brown eyes showed a red glint close to his Master’s, but there have been no confirmed signs of blatant mutation on the part of Kevari. In any case, for his actions in the series of missions he undertook, Jamus Kevari was granted the title of Jedi Knight a cycle after the incident.

Jamus Kevari was not a Jedi Knight for long until he received many new responsibilites. The first full day of Knighthood saw Kevari teaching the Lightsaber Arts class, filling in for his Master. This would soon lead to Kevari becoming the new Battlemaster of the Yavin IV Praxeum, replacing his Master and fulfilling one of his goals. Soon after, Kevari took his first Padawan Learner, a male Fondorian named Cyril Feraan. Their training was centered on tough physical discipline, as that was the thing Kevari was most accustomed to. Though the training went well for the most part, Kevari’s inexperience and naivety would be shown from time to time, as Feraan would at times be pushed far beyond his limitations. However, Kevari’s harsh training regiment would soon prove invaluable on his home planet of Dantooine.

The Galaxy was in a state of war. The People’s Parliament of the Commonwealth had seceded from the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, causing all-out carnage to reclaim the lost worlds. Heroes and villains emerged on both sides; the Jedi Order became split in their allegiances. Though most enclaves remained in the service for the Federation, the Jedi Enclave of Dantooine sided with the Commonwealth. In a swift act, Chief of State Feksk ordered Jamus Kevari and his apprentice to “begin diplomacy” with the now-defined rogue enclave. However, as Kevari and Feraan made the flight to Dantooine, they were met with a large number of Federation troops intended to serve under the Jedi as soldiers of a coming battle.

Upon arrival, Kevari began to realize the inevitability of the situation. Though he at first tried to bring peace to both sides, the Dantooine Jedi felt the threat from the Federation troops, opting to make a surprise attack. What followed would be one of the most tragic days the Jedi Order had ever seen. Ignoring the gravity of the situation, Kevari let his instincts carry his actions. The years of harsh training he received rendered the consequence of many defeated and dead Jedi by his hands, and also by his Padawan’s. For a moment in time, Kevari’s emotions were let loose as he tapped into the Dark Side to defeat the more experienced Masters of Dantooine, releasing a Fury of unprecedented passion and strength. Along with Feraan, the Federation troops fought valiantly and accordingly, resulting in a victory for the Galactic Alliance. After the rest of the Jedi fled and the younglings were rounded up, Kevari came back into clarity. Realizing the evils that had transpired to him, the troops, and especially his Padawan, he left the site immediately back for Yavin IV. The events on his home planet would forever scar Kevari, as it would take years for him to come to grips with his grievous atrocities. Though most Jedi would have been completely lost to the influence of the Dark Side after utilizing it to such degree, the discipline instilled within Kevari by his old Master would eventually see Kevari pulling off an incredible feat in being able to control the taint within him. Effectively bending the Dark Side to the Will of the Light, Kevari has been truly gifted in being able to live a relatively normal life since the tragic battle.

Following Dantooine, Kevari became more of his old self after a few years’ time, as he continued the duties of the Battlemaster and became more proficient in instructing his Padawan. Though he was still naïve to an extent, as he sought to pursue a romantic relationship with one Aldia Crestrunner, whose whimsical beauty enchanted Kevari to the point of infatuated stupidity for the female Human. Though the relationship would end in a couple years’ time after many nights of discouraged passionate intercourse, it was a prime example of the inadequacies of Kevari. Nevertheless, Kevari would eventually see Cyril Feraan Knighted after a successful investigative mission, fulfilling his soul with achievement.

Kevari would take his second Padawan Learner Iverian Prey, a male Arkanian, just before the academy was moved to Mon Calamari. There, Kevari enjoyed teaching his new apprentice with the new scenery, though yet again Kevari would falter. He began enjoying alcohol to such a high degree that he was eventually hospitalized privately by A-48, the Enclave’s medical droid. He would eventually overcome this addiction however with the assistance of Ergo Stomi, showing his resilience and openness to assistance. Kevari would keep serving the Order even past the evacuation of the Mon Calamari Enclave, as the dome would collapse and flood, destroying the beautiful structure.

Back once again on Yavin IV, Kevari would see his Padawan’s training to the point where he would consider Knighthood for Prey. However, due to personal reasons his apprentice left to explore the Galaxy, leaving Kevari in a slight sense of failure. Prey would eventually come back however, as he would remain a Padawan no longer under Kevari’s wing for some time. Following these occurrences, the Galaxy would face a new Sith threat.

A Sith Lord by the name of Darth Rishi sought destruction and conquest of the Galaxy, plowing his way from the Outer Rim to the Core until he was just outside of Coruscant. With the Jedi Order involved in war once again, Kevari was sent to lead the assault against Rishi’s flagship, part of a larger Jedi Strike Team tasked with the assassination of Rishi. Before the assault, Kevari engaged in the Concordance of Fealty with his trusted friend Ergo Stomi, solidifying their fraternal relationship with each other significantly. Eventually plowing their way aboard the ship following the successful assault, Kevari and his comrades would eventually succeed in destroying the Sith Lord and his followers, bringing an end to the brief yet destructive attempt of conquest.

As the suffered worlds of the Galaxy sought to repair themselves, Kevari would take on his third Padawan Learner Shandrila Simbul, a female Rattataki. One who Kevari regarded as a prodigy of the Lightsaber Arts, Kevari found great pride with his apprentice at that time. During their training, Jamus Kevari was honored with the title and acknowledgement of a Jedi Master. Though he was by no means a perfect Jedi, Kevari’s dedication to the Order was recognized, as he truly felt honored by the other Masters standing before him.

Jamus Kevari went on to serve a term on the Council of Yavin IV as an Advisor, putting considerable effort into the new position despite his dislike of administrative dealings. During this period, his former Padawan Iverian Prey was Knighted, in addition to his then-current Padawan Shandrila Simbul resigning from the Jedi Order in order to pursue a civilian life on Rattatak, which prompted him to take a Human female named Johauna Darkrider as his fourth Padawan Learner. This relationship would end quickly however, as Kevari mysteriously left the Jedi Order with the silence of a specter on a damp evening with Cyril Feraan in a shuttle bound for the unknown.

Little is known about what transpired for their three years away from the Jedi Order, only that they explored the knowledge of the mysteries of the Galaxy, and then followed to become involved in charitable works for various systems. The only evidence of hardship is seen plainly in Kevari’s facial structure, with a significant fraction of his skull being replaced by a metal structure. The specific reasons for the injury are only currently known to a small group of personal friends close to Kevari.

With their apparent quest at an end, both were reinstated as members of the Jedi Order. For several years, Jamus Kevari lived life in serene fashion, reacquainting himself with the life of a Jedi with a new perspective. Eventually, Kevari would take multiple assignments throughout the Galaxy and complete them successfully, though not without losing part of his newly-acquired state of inner tranquility due to subsequent emotional ramifications.

Upon the formal outbreak of galactic war, Jamus Kevari at last took another apprentice in the form of a Human male named Valon Rachius. While their history together may be short, their future together is concurrently vast in its horizons.