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Jago Mirax

Jago Mirax
Jedi Knight - Knight

Homeworld: Hapes

Mentor(s): Sebastin Creed, Kieran Orion, Aslyn Denethorn

Species: Nagai

Padawan(s): Saren Kast, Dreshin Bralor


Renowned for being a more than capable handyman, frequent explorer, and a Jedi with unlikely tendencies and traits more typically associated with a smuggler, it’s Jago Mirax’s friendly and approachable demeanour that stands out above all else.

The unorthodox Jedi places emphasis on normality, often playing down his time with the Order in favour of his status of as a person of the galaxy, first and foremost. Not one to adhere to typical Jedi life, and not overly proficient in Force Mastery or the Lightsaber Arts, Jago makes up for his inadequacies as a Jedi with his ability to blend in. His kind hearted yet rough around the edges personality is enough to prompt others to be intrigued by this charismatic Nagai, and additionally cause others to forget he’s a Jedi Knight entirely.


Jago Mirax was born to Toku and Mirian Mirax at the Royal hospital in the city of Ta’a Chume’Dan, Hapes. His mother and father fled Nagi and relocated to Hapes along with his mother’s brother and wife midway through the year of 322. With Mirian already carrying the unborn Jago, the family chose to leave Nagi during a time when the region they lived in was in rapid decline. Due to rioting from political turmoil and a series of dangerous encounters, the family of four all agreed to move off-world and away from the danger in a time where they were all ready to bring up offspring of their own.

After the birth of Jago, Toku and Mirian soon found themselves working for Hapan Security, meaning that Jago’s aunt and uncle would quite often look after him as an infant. Uncle Laghr and aunt Tulia were unable to have a child of their own due to genetic abnormalities, thus deeming them appropriate guardians to Jago while his parents built profiles as members of Hapan security. By the age of seven, Jago was already fully enrolled in one of the highest rated schools in the city, where he was the centre of many children’s conversation; friends and foes. Jago was one of only twenty other children at the school, out of over five thousand pupils, that wasn’t of Hapan decadence. It didn’t bother him that much, and he would use this popularity to his own advantage.

He rarely saw his mother and father, usually only spending one or two evenings a cycle with them at best. His uncle would tell him that he, Jago, and his mother were special in more ways than one; much to his fathers irritation. Jago was told by his uncle Laghr as he grew older that it was something called ‘The Force’ that they could touch, although Jago wasn’t really interested in his uncle’s statements. He preferred to have fun with his friends and enjoy being a child. He often thought his uncle a little crazy but he made him laugh nonetheless.

It would be one evening in the middle of winter that would change his comfortable and enjoyable life dramatically for the rest of his years. It was a conversation between his uncle and father that woke him up while he was sleeping. They were arguing about something, and the debate was getting quite heated. Jago heard his name a dozen times and also his mothers voice, more of this ‘Force’ stuff and something called a Jedi was thrown about the argument. It was revealed that the Jedi was currently working with Hapan Security and directly with Jago’s parents.

It would come to Jago’s attention a few days later that this very conversation would be revealed too him by his four family members while they all ate supper together. They explained that there was a woman that would take him away from Hapes, a Jedi woman from Shedu Maad, a planet in the Hapes cluster and one he had heard of at school. She would take him too be trained as one of these Jedi on another world. His uncle left the conversation early, shouting and screaming at Mirian and Toku and suggesting that it “Wasn’t right to give him too the Jedi and submit him to their rules and regulations”. He remembered feeling like he was being abandoned by his mother and father, but not by his uncle. He wanted to stay with his uncle.

The next twenty four hours were very uncomfortable and upsetting for Jago. Leaving one life for another is one thing, but leaving your family at such a timid age for not only a different life, but one beyond his own comprehension. She was a nice woman, a human probably no older than thirty. She explained about the Jedi and their history, as well as more on this mysterious ‘Force’. To Jago the moment was so overwhelming that her words hardly had time to sink in. Jago packed his things into a small rucksack; the Jedi woman told him he wouldn’t need many belongings. He didn’t quite understand what or where he was going but he instead comforted himself with the idea of seeing his family again soon.


322.21 ABY – Birth Date.

331.07 ABY – Initiated in the presence of the Alzoc III Council.

334.11 ABY – Taken as Sebastin Creed’s Padawan Learner.

335.13 ABY – Transfers to the academy on Ossus for artisan training.

338.02 ABY – Returns to Yavin IV as a Masterless Padawan.

338.26 ABY – Taken as Kieran Orion’s Padawan Learner.

339.11 ABY – Promoted to Deputy Artisan.

343.04 ABY – Apprenticed to Aslyn Denethorn.

347.15 ABY – Promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight.

347.20 ABY – Completed his Master Artisan training and subsequently becomes the head of the artisan department.

348.16 ABY – Saren Kast is apprenticed to Jago Mirax.

354.10 ABY – Reinstated as the head of the artisan department.