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Jacen Solborne


Homeworld: Ord Mantell

Species: Kiffar


Jacen was born on Ord Mantell on 371.14 to a single mother named Tuula – living a generally normal and quiet life. As a child, he mostly kept to himself with a small group of friends. He was always a quick learner in school, and his mother tried to provide for him the best that she could despite having not much time to spend with him, she was always supportive of the young boy.

Jacen aspired to become a droid mechanic when he was young, finding the technology intriguing and always wished to have a droid companion of his own. His mother was unable to afford such a luxury for him, but that did not kill his curiosity.
When a Jedi Watchmen came to Ord Mantell to find those that were potentially adept in the force, Jacen was one of the few brought in. Although Tuula had her doubts about sending her son off to the Jedi, she saw a bright future for the boy. He was taken to the Ossus Temple to begin the hopeful stage so he could be assessed for Jedi Training. After becoming initiated, it was decided that Jacen would be sent to the Rannon Praxeum to continue his studies as a Jedi.