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Izao Kavola

Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Lira San

Mentor(s): Tej Beasan

Species: Lasat


Born on Lira San, he was brought up until the age of five before being brought to the Ossus temple and initiated into the order on 378.23ABY. Early stages of his initiation Izao struggled to fit into the crowd due to his height, strength, speed and agility, it was rare for his kind to be in the Jedi Order but he quickly grew used to being the odd one. As he aged into his teens, his personality started to mature, his mentality focusing on the core tenets of being a Jedi but also the deep philosophy behind the galaxy; however, this didn’t stop his proficiency with a Lightsaber. Becoming the Padawan of Jedi Knight Tej Beasan on 380.14ABY, his main form of training was field work, quickly realising he had a knack for the role of a Jedi Guardian and Investigator early on and focused on this path since, working closely with his Master to tailor his education to what would be more beneficial for Izao.

As his training went on, Izao still followed his deep passion for philosophy and thought provoking questions, often spending days at a time doing his own research and finding what he thought to be his own right answer to these questions, it became apparent that Izao valued these sessions as a break from his regular training. This came hand in hand with his force abilities in telepathy, preferring to use his mind before his Lightsaber. His Master watched his progression closely over the coming years and on 398.02ABY, Izao Kavola became a Knight of the Jedi Order. A strong body and mind, Izao Kavola still focuses his time on philosophy and his investigator work in the field.