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Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Csaus

Species: Chiss


From the fringes of the galaxy, deep within the Unknown Regions, a male Chiss known as Chascerci’vunor’inrokini of the biological family of Chascerci, like most biological Chiss families it boasted a rich and lengthy written history, and in their case a history that saw its beginnings a mere ten years after the treaty of Coruscant thousands of years ago. As they are a biological family they have never and shall not ever possess the sheer power nor influence of a Ruling Family but what they can make claim to is the sheer reach of the name ‘Chascerci’ which can be found in almost every part of the Ascendancy from industry to the sciences and of course that of military and political service.

Within the Chascerci family exists a largely capitalistic ideology regarding the galaxy, including the Force. They believe that the knowledge and abilities gained from one’s connection to the Force are invaluable and infinitely useful to them, thus, should any of their children display Force potential they should been sent to the most accessible institute of Force affiliated learning when they found it profitable so that the child could become an asset to the family at large.

As one would expect, when the Jedi Temple of Rannon broadcasted their existence to the galaxy a limited window of opportunity was opened for the family to finally add a Force user to their ranks, unfortunately, Chiss having a much lower chance of Force potential than their baseline living ancestors resulted in the family only having two candidates of proper age that could be sent to Rannon, one of which — the eldest and one with the largest potential for the Force — had already joined into military service, thus, they settled for the second option; a child of a distant branch who was not yet old enough to be of use elsewhere in Chiss society but old enough to have been subject to the intensive academical institutions that Csilla had to offer, this child — who began going under the core name of Ivunorin — would be sent to Rannon to learn the ways of the Force with those who would have him.