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Iverian Prey

Iverian Prey
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Arkania

Mentor(s): Jamus Kevari

Species: Arkanian

Padawan(s): Eugen Darkrider


Iverian Prey is a formidable practitioner of the Lightsaber Arts. With his above-average skills in utilizing the weapon, Prey opens up possibilities to use his calm, quick thinking in situations, knowing he has a safeguard in using his lightsaber to handle potentially dangerous conditions.


Found at the tender age of eight to be force sensitive by a traveling Jedi, within two days Iverian had said his final goodbyes to his family and began his trip to the Jedi temple on Coruscant.

Nervous at first, it took him some time to get used to how things were done at the temple, and how he should act around the other students, knights, and masters. Having always been more of a loner though, he melted in as best as he could and soon he felt at home there.

The next year was difficult for him since many of his fellow initiates were chosen by masters to become padawans, and he often wondered if he would ever be picked by a master since he wasn’t all to excellent with the force.

Surprisingly though, just three cycles from his twelfth birthday, Iverian was chosen by Jedi Knight Lane who, after watching him in the training annex and realizing where his true potential lie, went to the council about him hastily. Granting him the role as his master, they asked him to complete one more mission before beginning the training.

Eager to begin, he accepted and left quickly after giving Iverian the news and asking him to prepare himself.

That was the last they would ever see each other though, since during the mission Lane gave his life to help further the jedi way.

Upon receiving the news, the council decided that a change of environment might help Iverian to expand more and stay positive, while also giving him a better chance of finding a master at the Yavin Temple. Agreed, they sent him to Yavin with a formal request for him to be listed as a hopeful within their student body.

After arriving, quite a bit of time went by before he heard any word from the new council members. In this time, he meet many initiates and padawans, and even one hopeful in particular named Aslyn Denethorn who he’d become rather close to through his time at the temple.

Spending almost two years training at the Yavin temple as an initiate yet again, it was then that the temple moved to Dac since a new facility had been built there as a gift to the Order.

A year later, after a lot of training and reaching what he believed was his peak potential at that point without a master, Jamus Kevari took him on as his second padawan, a union which is going well.

That first year would be tough on Iverian as his skills and knowledge began to increase in all areas. In that short time, he’d already killed one man while working with his master to shut down a smuggling operation, and had to sit by his Master’s side as he pulled through serious damages after a complication with the temple reactor.

Upon finishing his training with Jamus Kevari, Iverian was granted the title of Jedi Knight. For ten years, Iverian worked as a General during the attrition wars and accomplished much for the Order and the war effort, distinguishing himself as both a commander and duelist. A true Jedi Guardian. However, after the war, with the loss of his master, and many Jedi he knew growing up, Iverian struggled to fit back into the Knight role within the temple proper.

With that being the case, he left the temple and lived the next twenty years beyond the outer rim moving back and forth between a few planets still living by the Jedi principles he had learned in his youth and loved. He spread peace where he could as he grew older and eventually thought he would return to the temple again.

However, upon arrival, it was clear that the temple was getting on best without him and that the rest of his days would be best spent in the semi retirement he had found beyond the rim.

He will always love the Jedi Order and the students and Masters he meet there, but just could never seem to fit in properly when he needed to. He still lives beyond the rim and stops in from time to time to check on his old home.