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Ishani Rhul


Homeworld: Chalacta

Species: Chalactan


Ishani Rhul was born in the world of Chalacta, home to the prestigious seekers of enlightenment known as the Chalactan Adepts and where her journey first began. Ishani was born the second daughter of the Rhul family, her elder siblings, brother and sister, both already playing their parts at the Temple of Illumination, the home of the adepts and her parents. Both mother and father were members of the Adepts, both having reached enlightenment and as such, it seemed this was the path the Rhul family were to walk.

Her first cries, her first steps, and even her first words were all had in the Temple of Illumination, surrounded by family and their extended circle of friends. Ishani’s toddler years were ones that were sheltered and those that came after, even more so. The Temple provided her with everything she had ever needed but never more than that, for humility and humble beginnings seemed a staple of the Adepts.

It was during this time she would be given the schooling required of someone her age, lessons both found in your typical school and those only ever granted in the Temple. Of course, this was not all there was to Ishani’s time spent at the temple, for like most children she did indeed commit to mischief and playtime with her siblings, as well as friends made from the other children present. Even in the face of mischief, it was there never something so dire, for it was a place of tranquility at nearly every given moment. Ishani had been imparted with respect to her elders, the temple, and those around her.

While an incredibly spiritual people, their way of life was not one that was intrinsically tied to the many other spiritual sects in the galaxy nor was it one so heavily devoted to the Force. This would later become a predicament for Ishani in particular, for while members in the Order were indeed force-sensitive and often parts of other sects. It was not suited to the teachings of the force nor was it ready to undertake the training of a force-sensitive.

This predicament formed when Ishani was revealed to be force-sensitive, it was by no sheer miracle or extravagant display. All that had occurred was a routine visit by the Jedi, a Chalactan in particular that happened to also be a member of the Adepts. It was from a point of observation that he noticed the young girl interacted with the energies of the force around her in a particularly minute manner, subtle influences that often drew her to the aid of her friends, especially when they happened to have hurt themselves.

The Jedi proceeded to undertake the run-of-the-mill tests to confirm the Ishani’s force sensitivity and once the results were conclusive, he informed the family. They were given the choice of sending their daughter to the Jedi for further training, a single cycle was offered to allow them to consider the offer presented to them.

A cycle passed and the Jedi returned. The family decided to permit Ishani’s induction into the Jedi Order, in hopes that she would find enlightenment through their training, regiments, and beliefs, just as many others that had become Jedi had done so in the past. Ishani, while wary of the prospect of going to a new home all alone, so far from the family shew knew and loved, was also somewhat excited for this adventure in front of her. A single promise was made, that she would one day return hope to fulfill her part of becoming an Adept when she was ready to do so.

After her farewells were made, tears had been shed as she watched the ramp close and the blue skies turn to a dark canvas filled with stars, that Ishani would be well on her way to Rannon with what many considered to be a hopeful future.