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Isane Fenris

Isane Fenris
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Coruscant

Mentor(s): Motoko Isawa, Aslyn Denethorn, Simus Cnydaria

Species: Dathomirian

Padawan(s): Trin Oniron, Vania Starr


She stood there holding a cup of tea and watching the sun rising over Coruscant. Isane had made it a habit of hers- waking up early, making herself some tea and spending some time just idly staring out the window. Her fellow Jedi saw it as her way of centering herself before her day began. To her, however, there was always something magical in how the sun shone off the spires of Coruscant. It not only made her feel at ease, but it was also a moment in which she admired the city she had made her home. Today, though, was not like any other.

She had been called upon by the Council several weeks prior. While uncertain as to their intentions, she had her suspicions- she had been a Padawan for a long while now and no Master had chosen her as their apprentice. It was thus an inevitability almost that she be sent to the Jedi service corps. Isane felt disappointed in herself for not having fulfilled her dream of becoming a Jedi, but she knew there was still good deal of honor working in the service corps. “Good morning, Isane!”, a familiar voice rang from behind the door. Snapping out of her stupor, she realized it had been Arwen- a fellow Jedi Padawan. He was three years her junior, but they had been friends for years. “The door’s open. You can come in,” she said quickly.

Arwen came in and snarled, “Ugh! I sure hope you remembered to make me some of that good Muja tea!” Isane let out a soft chuckle, gesturing to a cup she had left on the table. The nautolan made his way to the table, grabbed the cup and, taking a good inspective wiff, he nodded grinning in anticipation of the delicious beverage before taking a few sips. “Hah! This stuff just gets better and better. I bet even Master Kotetsu wouldn’t make something this good!” Content with her friend’s compliment, she continued to stare out the window, sipping at her drink.

“So, you find out what they want, yet?”, he asked her. She shook her head, “I’m not sure. But I could guess…” He quickly held up a hand, “You’re too good a Padawan for them to be throwing away, Isane, so like hell it’s gonna be that!” She shrugged softly, “If I were so good, I’d have gotten a Master by now.” She let out a long-drawn sigh, “I wonder what service corps they’ll assign me to.” The nautolan let out an irritated groan, “Enough with that kind of talk, Isane.” Before he could continue, he was interrupted by the morning announcement, “Initiates are to head to training hall B-756T10#. Padawans are expected to head to training hall A-639CC# for their morning exercises….” Downing their beverages quickly, Isane grabbed her hilt off her bed, clipped it to her belt and the pair made their way to the training hall.

It was a regular morning exercise according to the announcement, but upon arrival the two realized it was much more than that. A Jedi Master from the HC was holding the session; they knew him as Master Creed. They had heard of him before, but not much more than that- they knew he was a Jedi Master who managed one of the Order’s distant Outer-Rim enclaves. He ordered the group to form up into a line and practice soon began thereafter.

While practicing her technique, Isane noticed the Miraluka Jedi Master standing by her side, watching as she executed her moves. Choosing to remain focused instead of letting his unnerving attention push her off-balance, she was able to keep to the technique rather admirably. The Miraluka offered an encouraging nod before moving onto another student, and then onto another. At the class’ conclusion, they were all asked to engage in a spar. With everyone pairing up, it seemed that Isane had been left the odd one out.

Creed called on her to engage him in a spar, feeling both intimidated and honored at once, she complied, bowing in respect before igniting her blade. During the spar it was evident to her that he was stalling- Isane was no fool to think herself capable of fending off the attacks of one so experienced and powerful were that not their goal in the first place. She chose to push herself the extra mile, however, seeing it as perhaps an opportunity to impress to higher-ups.

She continued to press the attack, hoping to find an opening which she could exploit. During the course of the fight, seeing this, the aged Miraluka left a small opening in his defense. At first glance, Isane took on an even more aggressive stance, trying to capitalize on what appeared to be a miscalculation on the Miraluka’s part. Moving in for the strike, she quickly deactivated her blade and took a step backwards. The Master smiled, nodding almost knowingly. Isane was not too clear on what had just happened, but whatever she did; it seemed that she had done the right thing. With a clap of his hands, the class was concluded and the group dispersed.

In the evening, Isane was called on to the Jedi Council chambers. There she stood before the Council to hear her fate. “The Council has decreed that you ought to be moved to Alzoc III’s Jedi Enclave. Pack your bags immediately.” Sad to leave Coruscant, the place she had called her home for a long while, but simultaneously grateful for having been given another chance, she bowed down deeply in respect and gratitude,”Thank you, Masters. I cannot thank you enough.” “May the Force be with you, Padawan.”,Jedi Master Pho Nhix said sternly. Isane bowed her head in respect and made her way out of the chambers, her heart filled with new purpose.