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Indilia Von

Indilia Von
Padawan Learner

Mentor(s): Shimi Zaki, Jared Quell

Species: Kiffar


Indilia Von was born, on the remote planet of Tatooine, to a young couple of Moisture farmers under the name of Indilia Krayren.
For the First four years, Indilia’s father was a bit disappointed over that Indilia was indeed a girl, however this changed quickly as at the age of Five, she had already helped her parents with the farm.

Perhaps it was simple luck, perhaps it was the will of the Force, but during that year, they had a very bad harvest, was Forced to send Indilia away.

Indilia’s mother, being a Kiffar sought out the person who had helped her trough her ritual back on Kiffu.
Indilia was taken to the Jedi Temple on Bespin, in cloud city, where she would stay for most remainder of her life.
When she came there, she met others, such as three persons she came to enjoy most of all others, Jared Quell, Rokran Vudhar, Tinthros Vos.
For her, Jared Quell, by the time she met him, a Jedi Knight, would be as a father for her, for her time at the Temple, while Rokran Vudhar would act as her brother, least in her eyes.

Tinthros Vos, however was a different story, they started out as friends, even tho both of them held a deeper emotion, which was later revealed.

Several years later, Indilia and the Jedi order, relocated to the Temple of Yavin IV.
During the Years on Yavin, Indilia meet other people, whom she enjoyed to spend her time with such as Arial Kast, Aayla Vigil and many others.

At the age of fourteen, Indilia was initiated into the order.
She remained so for two years, following that Jedi Master Shimi Zaki, took her on as his Padawan Learner at the age of 16.

Despite that she enjoyed the training, it started to go downhill.
Indilia Left the order furious over Master Zaki’s high Demands, and Joined the Agriculture Corps, for several Years.

When she returned, she left for somewhat once again a year or two, returning to the Jedi Order.

During this time of her return, she was recognized as a member of the Jedi Order once again, and this time under the mantle of Jedi Master Jared Quell, where she still trains alongside her fellow Padawan Aslyn Denethorn.

Her homeworld is Tatooine, Despite what she says and her native tongue is Huttese.