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Imil C. Ucindus

Imil C. Ucindus
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Wroona

Mentor(s): Azra'elre'nim

Species: Wroonian


Imil was born on Wroona, to a low-class family. Working day after day, his Father was overworked and it was hard for him to make ends meet with their five year-old child. When Imil, was one, a Jedi Watchmen, on Wroonan asked if he could take the baby to the Jedi Temple to be trained as a jedi. After much thought and consideration, they decided not to……

Imil was a mild mannered child, who liked to be on his own, and didn’t seek much attention, even when he was very young . Even so, the family couldn’t provide financially for the child. They loved him, and made a great family, but they finally decided to get in contact with the Watchman. Not long afterward he was sent off the the nearby temple on Yavin IV.

Imil did not go to school, or socialize with people his age on Wroona. Poor families were looked down upon on Wroona. Wroonans usually lived lavishly, and prosperous, but the poor were treated worse than human, and couldn’t use the normal school system. Imil was in no way affected by this. He was very young and naive.