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Ilaine Strias

Ilaine Strias
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Arkania

Species: Human/Arkanian


Ilaine was born on the frosted world of Arkania in the humble homestead of his mother and father. His mother was human, while his father carried the genes of an Arkanian. The two parents did not have a good relationship during the time of Ilaine’s memory and it often lead to fights in the home, some he witnessed, many he didn’t.

Possessing more in him of his mother than his father. It seemed as though the only parts Ilaine took from the Arkanian were his chalk-white eyes and locks of snowy hair. Because of this, his father wasn’t very loving to him either in his youth.

When Ilaine turned five, his mother came to the decision to leave, despite knowing the difficulty it would cause her on Arkania (humans not being well-received there by themselves.) However, she was fortunate enough to be offered a position with the local peace corps and eventually found work for herself in the Grounds department near the Jedi temple on Arkania.

For this reason, Ilaine has seen countless Jedi in passing for many years and wanted to be one. Recently, as a result of a blood screening, he was offered just that opportunity and his mother gladly supported him.

However, before Ilaine’s hopeful period could truly begin, a vicious attack came to Arkania. As a result, Ilaine was swiftly transferred to the Jedi Temple on Yavin IV on an emergency ship.

Though initially he arrived afraid having not yet heard from his mother, Ilaine’s excitement soon began to resurface at the ideas and possibilities that laid before him.