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Iffo Rav’i

Iffo Rav’i
Jedi Master

Homeworld: Vellity

Mentor(s): Maia Rimora, Chothi Uxaala, Wrennin Vae

Species: Borneck

Padawan(s): Tycho Varga, Serir Vun


There are those that strive to be the strongest at any cost. There are those who uphold an ideal and a title over all else. And there are those who aspire to be the best person that they can be and bring joy to those around them. Iffo Rav’i, explorer, protector and Jedi Knight, aspires to the last of these options.

From diving headfirst into the Rannon wilderness as a Ranger to running the Exploration Department of the Rannon Branch as a student, Iffo Rav’i has an infamous passion for the outdoors and never being content to sit still. He and his trusty companion Gusta are usually out and about, bringing back more tales to thrill and amaze. Thanks to an unorthodox upbringing in the spotlight, he’ll put on a show that none can match.

Ask any Jedi and they’ll tell you that humility is an essential trait, but few adhere to it as well as Iffo Rav’i. Talented with the saber, but always refusing to draw it. A way with words, but always willing to listen first. Iffo Rav’i is a Jedi in every sense of the word, but always a person trying to do the right thing before all else.


A young boy, no older than 6 or 7, sat a top the ramp of a patchwork shuttle that was by no means a stranger to the sight of a Macrofuser. His legs were sprawled idly out infront of him, and as he placed the pieces of rope he’d half-heartedly been trying to tie together to one side, he closed his eyes, tilted his head back and whispered “5, 4, 3, 2, 1”.

Right on cue, an deafening roar erupted from the gigantic tent in front of him. As if following the script of a play, Iffo heard the Kybucks startle in response, he knew that the stage hands would be panicking as they desperately tried to calm the animals. Picking the rope back up, Iffo thought about his life.

Iffo had lived and travelled with Rexio’s Intergalactic Travelling Circus’ since he was born, and despite having travelled all over the Trax Sector, frequenting planets such as Entrus, Bundim, Vellity, Essowyn and Kashyyk, he’d never really got much further than the boundaries of the circus site. He had no real interest in seeing the world, how could anything be more visually stunning, death defyingly exciting and mystical than the things he saw on a daily basis. His father, Eito Rav’i, was a simple man, in charge of pulling down the big top and was perhaps the strongest man at the circus, aside from the never ending revolving doors of strong men acts. His mother, Trisita Rav’i, was originally a dancer in the show before a permanent knee injury meant she was forced to work as a front of house usher.

They lived aboard one of the many shuttles owned by the circus. Iffo’s room no larger than a closet, cramped by anyone elses standards, but to Iffo, it was his home and he loved it. Whether it was sitting by the fire listening to Old Man Jesref, the veteran Red Ball Organ players, stories of the galaxy or learning how to perform from the latest act to join the troupe, Iffo was never far from the action, and action seemed to follow him about.

Iffo, was a confident young boy, years of interacting with the public on a daily basis meant he wasn’t shy to ask questions and often found the smaller formalities of social interactions pointless and a waste of time. Taking after his mother, he was bright and very quick to vocalise any opinion he had, regardless of who he was speaking to. That said, from the day he could help around site, whether it be litter picking or attempting to sell programmes to customers, he developed an immovable sense and value of teamwork.

With no formal education, his parents had begun trying to teach him some performance skills, in the hope that one day he would be performing in front of the 1000’s that came to see each show. Trained in basic circus techniques, such as juggling, tight-rope walking and how to break a fall, it was only when the circus’s star attraction, 3 Besalisk juggling sisters, with 8 arms a piece, started to teach him advanced jugging, did Iffo start to really develop his performance skills, albeit not exactly for the right reasons.

As Iffo practiced, it was commented on by the crew, acts and guests that saw him, how the clubs seemed to ever so slightly, guided themselves towards his hands, even when the throw was slightly off.

A few weeks went past, and Iffo’s juggling went from strength to strength, and the whisperings around the camp got stronger and stronger. After a three show day on his birth planet of Vellity, Iffo was walking around site collecting rubbish, when he saw a cloaked figure talking to his parents on the ramp of their shuttle. Confused, he approached as the cloaked figure turned to leave. He asked his parents who she was and what had she wanted? They explained that he would have to leave to go to a non-disclosed location to receive training on becoming a Jedi Knight.

Within the week, arrangements were made, and Iffo departed the only life he’d ever known, with nothing more than a set of juggling balls and a promise to his mother to make the most of this opportunity he’d been given. It was only when he landed a day later he was told where he was, The Jedi Praxeum on Rannon.