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Ian Prine

Ian Prine
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Hoth

Mentor(s): Jorel Ranon, Cyril Feraan, Rash Loist

Species: Human


On 266.04 a young human child was born to recently married Owen and Maren Prine on the ice planet, Hoth. The child was both unexpected and unwanted, though the couple figured the child would make a hard worker. They decided to name him Ian.

As Ian aged he began to dislike his parents even more. Though, most expected that for his parents were an ugly bunch. His father, Owen, was a fur trader. His mother, Maren, was also involved in this illegal business. Ian hated the business and the work that was forced upon him. Ian was placed in the middle of a barren wasteland, therefore he had nowhere to escape to. The nearest settlement was five clicks northeast of his location.

When Ian reached a ” mature ” age, as his parents put it, he was able to take one of his Father’s speeders to other settlements for supplies of sorts. The night before his first journey, Ian packed a small pack. He took with him only a small can of food, a canteen of tea, one extra set of clothes and boots, and knife used for cutting the fur his Father brought home.

Having been given the order to set off, Ian climbed into the speeder and closed the hatch behind him. He set off on his journey, hoping to find an answer to his silent call for help. After briefly thinking it over, Ian decided to head to the most remote settlement he knew of. In this settlement was the only space sport in the region.

Lately, the settlement Ian approached, had been having investigations involving the fur trade. During this particular cycle, The Jedi Council of Coruscant received word from a Jedi Knight in the system who offered to investigate this Fur-trade. Seeing how this was the closest, and only space port in the region, the Knight landed quite close to Ian.

While the Knight was landing, Ian had been conversing with a pilot of a soon-to-be departing transport. Noticing the two as he exited his shuttle, the Jedi slouched against a nearby bench, eaves-dropping on the conversation. Ian, appearing innocent, lonely, and starved looked at the pilot desperately trying to persuade him. The Knight, noticing Ian’s condition approached, pulling young Ian to the side.

As he began to chat, the Knight rested his hand on Ian’s shoulder. When he did this, he was slightly surprised, immediately forgetting what he was going to say. Clearly the boy was force sensitive.

To be sure of his assumption, the Knight conducted various tests. After the tests were completed, and the results were sent to the Jedi Council on Coruscant, the Jedi and Ian waited for a reply.

After getting the message to bring Ian back to the Temple, the two set off, leaving Hoth behind. Ian had no regrets.

Determined to become a great Jedi, Ian took his training seriously. He became a great student of the force and an excellent swordsman. A few months before Ian reached the age of eleven, he was taken as a Padawan under a young Jedi Knight.

Confident in his Padawan, the Jedi Knight almost immediately requested taking Ian with him to investigate a small spice trade in the slums. Since, the Knight’s confidence in Ian was definitely shown during his meeting, the two were up for the case.

When their mission was revealed to Ian he was quite surprised, even frightened for he did not want to mess up. After explaining his fears to his Master, Ian was simply told to have more faith in himself. Once hearing this, he appeared to shrug off his worries and suck it up.

The mission ended terribly. Ian had be correct, the two were not ready for the mission and they suffered greatly. After encountering the Spice traders, the two were caught in an explosion. Luckily, Ian wasn’t too close and only suffered minor burns and scars. Though, his Master wasn’t so lucky.

After the death of his Master, the Council decided that transferring Ian elsewhere to continue his training was for the best. Nearly a cycle after the mission, Ian was on a transport to the Jedi Temple of Yavin IV. Although Ian was upset with the death of his Master, he was eager to continue his training with his fellow students of the Force.

Some time later after Ian had gotten used to the move, the Temple, and the residents, Ian was once again taken as a Padawan. On 279.07 ABY, Ian was taken as Jedi Knight Cyril Feraan’s second Padawan.

The two trained together nearly three years before Ian was released from under Master Feraan. Though Ian would be masterless for the two to three years, he refused to quit. Through determination, Ian kept up with his progressing peers and furthered his abilities.

On 285.15 ABY, Prine was assigned under Jedi Master Rash Loist, as Master Loist’s fifth Padawan. The two train together to this day.