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Heron Liagri

Heron Liagri
Adept - Adept

Homeworld: Kesh

Mentor(s): Cael Dan'kor

Species: Keshiri

Padawan(s): Klary Vals


Heron Liagri was born on the planet Kesh to military captains. Starting at the age of 4 his life was that of an infantryman in training. This was the tradition on the continent of Alanciar. A strong military that all people took part in in one way or another. While the military in these times of peace were only voluntary, young Heron did not have a choice as his parents closed all other occupation doors. Training and discipline were all they knew and all they had to give to their child. Heron was loved nonetheless and felt it even when they didn’t relent.

Heron was being raised to be a strong disciplined child, who’d eventually become a man of the same mindset. Heron was excelling in every class and test, whether it was something mentally or a test of physical capabilities. Though his parents were informed on his accomplishments, they never praised him due to the fact they didn’t want him to get it stuck in his head. Heron was a bright child that quickly learned when and not to speak through the classes he’d went through since he was four years old.

A few months after Heron’s birthday, he was approached by his parents who were also accompanied by a man of a race Heron was not really familiar with, who went by the name of Kadvarr Tirladdik. Heron sat on his bed confused as he was being told he was going to be taken away by the man for further training, though it felt as if he was really just being abandoned by his parents. He felt as if he was doing this for his parents, to make them appreciate him.

In the end, Heron was brought onto Kadvarr’s ship to where he met another boy by the name of Darsu, who he shared a room on the ship with. Heron never really spoke to him though, except for when Kadvarr explained what was to happen when they landed on the planet that held the ‘academy’. Heron had no idea on what he was going to REALLY go through, but if it was as Kadvarr described, he was going to try his best for his parents.