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Herenai Galadan

Herenai Galadan
Padawan Learner

Mentor(s): Jarred Quell

Species: Human/Epicanthix


Like all Jedi, Herenai Galadan was discovered to be force sensitive at a young age, and consequently, brought to the Coruscant Temple. There, he would submit to several tests before the council discussed his fate and chose Ossus as a destination for the young initiate, for the halls of Coruscant were flooded with Jedi.

There on Ossus, the young initiate would meet many Jedi, Alexis Shiani, a Miraluka initiate, and Tionne Kan’or, a young Zabrak initiate. Their friendship would continue to grow and develop as they got to know each other, spending most of their time playing Tag, hide and seek and splash…In short, they grew into a tight group.

Sadly, the galaxy would be soon plunged into a violent war with the Jedi a direct target of the Mandalorian Armed Forces. It would not be long before the humble Temple of Ossus would be assaulted by the barbaric Mandalorians… Knowing that victory was unlikely, the Knights and Masters decided to send some Padawans to accompany a little group of Initiates to safety. After a farewell, the Padawans decided to lead the small group on Coruscant… in hopes of escaping the carnage.

With the ban against the Jedi lifted, the High Council deemed it fit to send the initiates to different temples. A sad time for their little hearts, the younglings would separate, with Shiani staying at Coruscant, Tionne leaving for Arkania and Herenai getting assigned to the newly built temple of Alzoc III.