JEDI HoloNet

h’Eethos Omeyia

Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Dorin

Mentor(s): Roush Lenkin

Species: Kel Dor


Born in the capital city of Dor’shan, H’Eethos is a descendant of a multi-generational family of Force users, spanning both the Jedi Order, and the Kel Dor native Baran Do, including a great-grand-uncle who was a member of the Jedi High Council. As a child, he spent much of his time travelling from Dorin to Ossus, as one of the Kel Dor who was involved in the exchange program between the two organizations. While a child, H’Eethos was an inquisitive child who enjoyed reading as much as they enjoyed running around and being physical. Their childhood was a mixture of the classic Kel Dor family life, one of privilege and wealth, while also spending swaths of time amongst the Jedi, living the minimalist life style that’s stereotypically of the residents of the Ossus temple.

This combined life style lead to H’Eethos having a dual knowledge of different lives through the Galaxy, one of privilege and one of humility. H’Eethos was raised in the knowledge of both Force traditions, as a literal child of descendants of both.

In their early teens, they grew rambunctious and lively, spending their days doing their studies and their nights playing pranks on fellow students. Their closest friend, a human named Johndes, was a similar student, and they reveled in their exploits together as students in the Jedi Order. Despite their jovial and pranking nature, they were well liked by both their fellow students and also their Jedi teachers. The pair were inseparable most of the time, but had their fair share of differences. H’Eethos was always more studious, a book learner, with a natural talent for words and languages, while Johndes was a natural talent with a lightsaber, gifted in the art of sparring and combat.

The pairs’ differences meant they were a classic story of opposites attracting. They balanced each other out, not just in their skill sets, but in their humors and their knowledge of what Jedi Master leaves themselves open to a barrel of holgen fish shoved under their desk, and what Jedi Master will scold you for wearing the wrong shade of tunic to a lightsaber lesson.

As H’Eethos aged, they straightened up but kept their jovial nature. They spent more time studying and reading, slowly becoming more knowledgeable in languages, cultures, and all the things they were not in their childhood. Books and journals were their main escape, as many other Jedi spent their time off-world on assignment. Not long after, H’Eethos was taken by the young Jedi Knight, Roush Lenkin. Knight Lenkin was a brash, headstrong Jedi Knight, who solved more of their problems with physicality than with anything else, but Council determined they were ready to be Knighted, which lead to H’Eethos being eventually chosen as their Padawan.

This match up proved incredibly difficult for H’Eethos. They were never overly physical before, but all of a sudden now they were having to spend mornings running and weight lifting, afternoons sparring with their lightsaber, and then the evening exploring the Force and how to use it to solve problems one might encounter in the field. None of these things they felt themselves to be comfortable doing, but they kept at it. They struggled greatly, but after a conversation with their Great-Grand-Uncle, they soon found themselves motivated to succeed. Pushing themselves past their limits, they found themselves learning that they were more capable of things than they ever expected themselves to be capable of doing.

After a decade of a rough Padawanship, H’Eethos found themselves before the Jedi Council of Ossus. Knighted, due to their success in identifying and translating an ancient Jedi artifact that had been in the Archives for generations. Elated and proud, H’Eethos set off on a new journey, using not only their skills as a Jedi, but also their skills as a linguist and anthropologist. As a Knight, they gained access to many items and documents that were not privy to students. Their skill as a linguist grew, learning and identifying ancient languages that were known to few, and eventually being sent out assignments to identify and catalog new discoveries from ExplorCorps, Circle of First Knowledge, and even the Jedi Shadows.

After just a couple of years serving as a linguist and archivist within the Great Library of Ossus, the Jedi Council decided to assign H’Eethos to a new field, working directly with Jedi in the field as an active liaison. An assignment like this was entirely new to H’Eethos, as it eventually put them into the place where their training as a Padawan, the martial, physical training came into usage. Their new assignment as a field agent was taken with great enthusiasm, as like any Jedi trained in peace time, they longed for the ability to physically prove themselves against potentially foes.

It didn’t take long for their brashness to lead them to an injury. One that pulled them out of the field and back to Ossus’ Great Library. The humbling they received in the field was the spark that ignited their desire to learn more, which prompted their request to transfer to the Rannon Praxeum. Looking forward to a new home, full of new opportunities, H’Eethos packed their backs, and boarded their ship towards Rannon, ready to take in everything waiting for them.