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Adept - Adept

Homeworld: Cadinth

Mentor(s): Kallum*

Species: Human


During the harbinging years of the Imperium war and near-eradication of the Jedi, the Order of Ossus devised a unit of migratory knights in the year 337 ABY who would scout the Outer Rim territories for force-sensitives. Harboring hope and fortitude, six knights departed from the enclave of Ossus and ventured into wilder space aboard their vessel. En voyage along the Kismaano Bypass, a trade route in the Tion Cluster, the mavericks emergency landed on the planet Cadinth due to fuel shortage.

By mere happenstance, they came across a young child who was gifted with force sensitivity. “Haydin”–a moniker later given by his rescuers– was discovered on the ancestral wastelands in the year 343 ABY, where he was estimated to be around age five. Cadinth, located in the wilder, Outer Rim territories was known for its black sands and sharp terrain, promising little to no life for its few inhabitants. Impoverished and infertile, the planet was known for its age-old strife and fallen kingdoms– a galactic blister in a more civilized galaxy. Amidst the ancient ruins, semi-nomadic clans reigned in the deserts, preserved by their lust for spice and power. The clans ruled scarcely, bargaining with smugglers who often intersected the planet along more illicit trade routes.

Little is known of Haydin’s parentage, except by speculation that this descendants were trade-runners or wayfaring natives to the blackened world. Haydin was trained by Jedi Master Kallum. Kallum took Haydin under his tutelage, training him unorthodoxly, in the remote regions of the Galaxy. Upon completion of his training and the end of the Imperium War, Haydin requested to be assimilated into the Order of Rannon, where he seeks recognition of his knighthood and place among the Jedi Order.