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Halym Khoda

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Bandomeer

Species: Human


Halym Khoda was born 330.6 ABY on the harsh, unpolished world of Bandomeer. Bandomeer, once notorious for its mining prospects, deviated from its former prestige after years of self-neglect. Struggling to overcome decline due to its unquenchable lust for prosperity, Bandomeer had diminished into a desolate and pulpish world. Despite the internal fragmentation of the planet’s health, light still manages to shines through the narrowest of crevices.

Halym was born into a rural, lower-populated area south of Bando, the capital of Bandomeer. Halym’s father, a poor junker named Kolh, made pension by salvaging left-over ionite veins (the planet’s prime mining resource). Larger corporations, who were primarily responsible for excavating Bandomeer’s dwindling resources, would seldom leave pockets of unscathed nodes. The unspoiled nodes, although rare, proved to be profitable for the scavenger. After years of drudging and highly illegal labor, Kolh met Halym’s mother, Jalel. Married on a whim of flighty passion, the two were ill-equipped in childrearing. While the birth of Halym was unexpected, both parents strived to support their infant child on the meager pension they did earn. Albeit, it was not enough. Jalel, whose maternal affection was undeniable, sought to send Halym elsewhere to receive higher education. Kolh denied his spouse’s requests and insisted she reconsider the boy’s practical, more realistic future. Kohl, eventually arrested for his illegal mining, left Jalel to raise Halym alone. Unassisted in her efforts, this proved to be quite a difficulty to face singlehandedly. While indeed an unfortunate circumstance, fate would prove to be a more prevailing anomaly.

At the age of seven, Halym was discovered and subsequently prospected by a Kel Dorian Jedi Knight named “Yaslana”. The Knight had landed upon Bandomeer by mistake due to fuel exhaustion en route to a neighboring system. While the happenstance appeared to be a rather unforeseen encounter, it was undeniably fruitful. Master Yaslana, from the enclave of Ossus, took a particular interest in the boy, accrediting Halym’s sensitivity to the Force. Intrigued by the young one’s aptitude, The Knight offered to take him to the Order for processing and a more abundant life. Jalel, while saddened by Halym’s force sensitivity and the detachment that would follow, was also deeply content that her boy would be far removed from the cyclical decay of the iron-rotted planet.

Initiated shortly after his arrival on Ossus, Halym began his training in the ways of the Force. The enclave, a stark difference from the bleak barrenness of Bandomeer, became home with little to no effort. As Halym adjusted and matured, he eventually passed his initiate trials – reaching the stages of an apprentice. As mentors selected their pupils, Halym was left without a Master for some time. Yaslana, who felt oddly connected with the human boy, considered that perhaps it was best that he take the duty upon himself. At the age of ten, Halym was apprenticed by the Knight who had discovered him in his isolation.

Training took off swiftly between the pair. Recognized by his dogmatic and rather orthodox training, Master Yaslana, taught his young learner exceptionally well in the arts. While Yaslana had seen to the training of many adepts, his senility did not hinder his pursuit of his apprentice. Training progressed into Halym’s teenage years. Halym, with the aid of his Master, became quite the swordsman, and notably even surpassed some of his peers despite the lateness of his apprenticeship. Ironically, Master Yaslana was not as self-possessed and self-learned in the art of the sword, yet still saw that his apprentice carried a natural aptness. Denying himself and his consular-bent, he saw to it that the boy was trained thoroughly.

Yaslana recognized the pressing importance that Halym’s training be completed. However, with the warn-torn tension of the galaxy conflicting with their morale, The Imperium grew to be more of destructive and deteriorating force. Consequently, many padawans were commissioned into brigades, consisting of six to seven adepts and a few accompanied Knights in order to recapture war-rotting worlds. Yaslana, understanding the weight of the galaxy’s discord, permitted his padawan to be enlisted. Normally, the Kel Dor would accompany his apprentice, but was grounded by his temple duties as a watchman.

Unbeknownst to the apprentice, the terrorist-regime, the Imperium, assaulted the Ossus enclave on 346.03. Halym, off-world during a brigade, was given word that his Master had been killed in the line of duty – protecting the members of the Order of Ossus. Wounded by his Master’s abrupt death, Halym returned only to face confusion in the aftermath of his loss. Upon Halym’s return, The Council suggested a transfer to the Rannon Praxeum in order to complete his training. Reluctantly, Halym accepted and was subsequently transferred in hopes of a new, more promising future.