JEDI HoloNet

Guillo Flickant


Homeworld: Shimia

Species: Kalzerian


Guillo, was born on a planet by the name of Shimia, his parents both worked for the republic. Their income wasn’t bad, and it wasn’t too excessive either. Unfortunately, they didn’t have much time to really pay much attention to Guillo, but when they were home they gave all their time to him to show him how much they really did care for him. Guillo didn’t really mind that his parents weren’t around that much for him, he was always in a positive spirit.

Though his parents weren’t around much, he had a few friends that he got to hang out with a lot that he’d met through school, and occasionally he’d spend nights over at their house due to his parents being out so late, and not wanting him home by himself.

After a day of school, he’d return back to his home, and to his surprise, his parents were there to welcome him with an unknown man by their side. Guillo interacted with the man as positive and energetic as he usual was. The Robed man offered to give him a new action figure, but he had more than one in his bag. He noted that Guillo could only take one, and with that he took each one out of his pouch and set it infront of Guillo for him to choose.

Guillo glanced over each figure, and smiled. He studied each of the action figures, trying to figure out which one he’d likely play with the most. Though there was one that seemed like it was calling for his name, it was a very odd feeling, but he knew this was the one that he -had- to have. He’d quickly reach for it, and hug it close to himself before playing with it.

The Robed man looked to Guillo’s parents, and gave a firm nod. His parents smiled warmly before walking towards him and lowering themselves to his level to inform him that he was going to be leaving to a -new- school. A place where his hidden talents could possibly be unlocked. Guillo trusted his parents a lot, and they had also promised to see him from time to time. This wasn’t that big of a change for him, as he rarely seen them anyway. After packing his stuff up, he left out with the robed man, on his way to the Rannon Praxeum.