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Grokh’torr Eikh’mir

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Honoghr

Mentor(s): Sebastin Creed

Species: Noghri


Grokh’tor of clan Eikh’mir is a Noghri of Honoghr. He has a sibling called Rhuk’tor. As with all younglings of clan Eikh’mir, Grokh’tor and his sibling Rhuk’tor were subjected to a traditional Noghri upbringing, learning the virtues of respect, honor and hard work. From an early age Grokh’tor and Rhuk’tor were trained in the arts of their people, with focus on living of the land as hunters and trappers.

All Noghri children are raised to be diligent and hard-working. Grokh’tor and Rhuk’tor did not differ from this in their infant years, but as they grew, the boys themselves, as well as the clan, suspected that something about the pair was special. At the age of seven, the clan dynast, along with the elders of the clan, called upon the Jedi to verify that the children were indeed gifted with the Force, and shortly thereafter the twins’ connections to the Force were established.

With the Jedi holding an unique position in Noghri culture, it was seen as a great blessing to have two children of the clan bestowed with the gift of the Force, and the council of clan Eikh’mir decided that the boys would be sent to the Jedi in hopes that they would receive training.