JEDI HoloNet

Geminae Zil

Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Quarzite

Species: Kage

Padawan(s): Kitani Corandel


Geminae was born within the caverns of Quarzite. He lived with his parents, Nix and Fusilia, alongside his twin brother, Nulla. When the father deemed his sons old enough, he began to train their bodies to instill discipline the only way he knows how, through combat. As he aged, a connection began to grow between Geminae and his brother; One only brothers can hope to understand.

At the age of ten, Geminae’s father entered both he and his brother into a training program to continue them on the path of the warrior. Both children prove that their capabilities exceed the other children. Their movements seemed unnatural and nobody seemed to know why. Geminae equaled his brother in almost everything. Compared to Nulla, Geminae seems to be more ferocious in combat accompanying his fire personality.

Not too long after each child was approached separately, by a Jedi with several test on their being. While they all nodded to each other, Nulla spoke up. Nulla received his request by a female Jedi that had scouted the two of them out before, and looking down at their battle, he was impressed by the display of skill; he wanted something a bit more intense though. He looked back to the other two remaining Jedi beside him at the time they were spectating.

“Which one of you, would say you’re the strongest?” Geminae voiced.

The two looked at each other, one jedi simply answering that the way of the Jedi is not strength up until being interrupted.

“Be it that the Jedi is not solely based on strength however, I’d like to test your skills as a Warrior young one. I can understand battle, and sometimes a measure of skill as a protector is needed to save something as big as the Galaxy.” The one who said this had been a Chistori, havingfinally pulled his hood back.

“You and I will spar, just like your Brother and Master Bana down there. My name is Raumah, and I will be happy to take up your request.”

Moments later the two would come down to the center ring. Rather than using a single training sword, Geminae had two in hand. Upon the bell ringing, Raumah was rushed, brutally. In comparison to what the old Battlemaster once faced, he could see a ferocity unlike most battle combatants he faced before; that were still children that is. The child was a natural at their craft, but much two untempered, still young and nothing held back. Raumah was forced onto his heel before flipping around and kicking the child out from the ring. He wanted to serve to prove in their spar, strength wasn’t all there was, that you would need balance.

Geminae was angry at first, almost feeling insulted, but bowed in respect to the Master. It was a lesson that long needed to be learned, and upon being accepted into the Order he had his whole life to do so. Raumah ended up taking the child as his apprentice, teaching him on all forms of Saber combat; Geminae took to Ataru the most, tying in his aggressive nature with his innate athleticism. The journey of his Padawanhood led him to policing the Galaxy alongside his Master, most of their out of temple assignments being set upon disrupting criminal organizations left and right.

The Kage, Geminae – was a harsh one, and even though he got the job done it was usually Raumah that had to temper them; almost as if they were a literal good cop bad cop. He had seen his brother participate in many tournaments, but it was something his Master almost always forbade him from doing; an ego wasn’t something he wanted to take the chance of creating in his student…instead he humbled him more by always fighting Masters, and learning from their skill. It proved a better teaching method, and let everyone quickly know how skilled he was an individual.

Eventually his time as a Padawan came to an end, he was granted the rank of Knight from merit and completion of his trials. Geminae wasn’t super enthusiastic however, but not upset; he expected it by now and was merely ready to serve as a Jedi Knight to the order at large. He however, did not expect to be shipped off to the Academy on Rannon. He’d heard much about Rannon, and their odd way of handling things; he had no idea as to why they’d send someone like him to their order given his more brutal nature of handling things and harsh tone.

His Master and him needed no formal goodbye, they bowed to each other, and softly understood what it meant.

However, under his breath, as Raumah saw his student enter the ship… he spoke the words.

“Behave Geminae…”