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Garik Kelzim

Garik Kelzim
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Alpheridies

Mentor(s): Tomoran Serevarno

Species: Miraluka


Garik Kelzim is a 8 year old Miraluka born on the planet named Alpheridies. As every single Miraluka, he is blind and so he uses the Force to “see” or has many Jedi would say…to sense the world around him.

Garik has black hair, a bandage in the place where a human would have his eyes and usually decorates his clothes with his familly crest, so others could recognize him as a member of the Kelzim Familly. While Master Feraan was on Alpheridies, he came across Garik and his family and seeing his potential as a a Force User he decided to bring him to the Jedi Temple on Yavin.

Then has arrived at the Jedi Temple where he hoped that he would learn the ways of the Jedi in order to help those who might need his help in the future. And after a long time waiting for an answer from the Jedi Order, Garik got finally accepted and is now studying in the Jedi Temple of Yavin IV.