JEDI HoloNet

Galen Sol

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Eriadu

Mentor(s): Silas Vir'n

Species: Human


Before Galen Sol’s birth, his parents Cassius and Marla Sol relocated from the sandy Tatooine, where they found little employment than seedy work that Cassius would never see fit to Marla doing, and sand. Their small and zippy little ship, named The Sandriser, carried what tools and provisions they had purchased and acquired over two years of salvaging on Tatooine, to Eriadu City. When they arrived, the planet was bustling, and everywhere they looked there were crowds of people, but the air was stagnant and dead, unlike Tatooine’s open air, devoid of pollution and smoke.

Cassius and Marla survived on his private security and her ship repairman jobs. Some years after, in 322ABY, Galen was born into their lives and was shown to be healthy and strong as any normal child, a great relief to them, considering their beliefs that the pollution in the air would cause some harm to their child. This wonderful news would only be countered by something worse than the harm of pollution.

Finding schooling would be difficult, the population was so large that schooling was almost impossible to book in their area, and they couldn’t relocate because their jobs depended on it, as did the well being of Galen. Cassius turned to double shifts and overtime for extra pay, and when Marla was home from work, she’d teach Galen simple things that she knew, like mathematics, names of planets, and basic construction and deconstruction of simple items like a flashlight, or monitor. There was a time when Cassius would come home late with the smell of alcohol on his breath, and of course, Marla did not like the idea of his drinking and drowning his sorrows.

Their once peaceful and loving relationship became loud, verbal arguments, sometimes physical, and they’d spend an equal amount of days in silence near each other. Cassius went to work on morning, and Marla hadn’t heard from him for the next week until his body was found outside a cantina in a garbage bin. She was struck with depression when Galen was too young to understand these things, and having to explain to him what happened was too much for her to bear. She too would disappear, having committed suicide by throwing herself off the top of a factory after gaining access by prying the door open with an easily accessible crowbar. Galen was now alone in their apartment, with no support and an imminent loss of this home.

Living off the streets, scavenging scraps and bits, begging for money. These were few examples of the lengths he’d gone to survive in an industry planet. Late one afternoon, Galen snuck behind a man and stole from him a data pad. While it wasn’t money, he found some interesting topics in the device, such as the coordinates of a planet Yavin IV, something about, “Jeday, Jeda, Jedi?”. Galen spent most of the afternoon discovering more information, until a firm hand seized the data pad away and the figure loomed over him like a tower. He panicked, but faced his fear of the man and waited for his punishment, one that would never come.

In Galen’s words, “That big guy must have seen something special in [Galen], otherwise he would never have taken [Galen] with him.”
The man pulled Galen from the dirty, rusted plate that he slept on and took him to a place far away, Galen never realizing he’d even left the planet until the rusted, bleak Eriadu City was replaced by lush forest and grass under his feet, blue skies and what appeared to be ancient stone structures. He was passed off after he was seen to have a sensitivity to The Force, and became a hopeful of The Order, when they’d determine whether or not he was suitable to be one of their own. Of course, while he is staying with them, he’s found their quartering to be much more favorable than the rat trap he lived in on Eriadu.