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Gabe Alkorda

Jedi Master - Former Council Advisor

Homeworld: Corellia | Tatooine

Mentor(s): Alkaiser Aruladan

Species: Human

Padawan(s): Wesley Ryor, Rash Loist, Jared Quell, Sarrecm'ar'reccarve, Asphar Du, Moza Ferorn, Lucius Vein, Yulia Cera


Talented in many aspects of the Force, Gabe Alkorda specializes in the fields of healing, usage of the Force plane, using the Force on an atomic level, as well as organic applications of the Force.


Gabe Alkorda was born on Corellia on 207.17. His parents were your average working-class people, both employed by Corellian Security Forces, or CorSec. It was their jobs that claimed their lives, when Gabe was still a newborn child. His godmother, Alexis Timespanner, took him to Tatooine to live with her and her husband, Ulic. Gabe grew up there with their son Josef, six years Gabe’s senior.

By the time Gabe was six years old, he left for Dantooine with his brother to train under Jedi Master Vodo Saris. Gabe and Josef had often idolized Jedi, mainly due to the stories they had always been read by their mother, Alexis. Time quickly passed, with Josef learning much more than Gabe, who mainly just played in the fields with the other children, learning a basic education of spelling, arithmetic, history, and science. The turning point came when Gabe was ten years old. Josef was having a sparring match with Master Saris–the first with a full-powered lightsaber–and became overconfident. He tried to perform a complex stunt, tripped, and fell on his own lightsaber blade, killing him almost instantly.

While outwardly appearing to be okay, Gabe was horrified by the event and snuck onto a freighter transport, leaving for Commenor. Gabe was discovered by the pilot, Nausa’jeks, and while initially the man wanted to get rid of Gabe, the two became friends by the end of the trip. Gabe continued to travel here and there with Nausa, who took care of the boy until he was about thirteen. After having a teenage rebellion argument with Nausa, Gabe left the ship without telling his caretaker. Nausa left the planet, unaware that Gabe was not with him. When Nausa came back to find Gabe, he tracked him down to the Jedi Temple, where he saw him talking with some of the older Masters. Knowing this to be the home Gabe needed, Nausa left, keeping only the memories of Gabe for himself.

Gabe fell in place quickly at the Jedi Temple there on Coruscant, befriending other students such as Akuma Krynn, Soh Raun, Ctathos Ederoi, Cookanaka, and Hal Raykin. He spent most of his beginning years as a Padawan there on Coruscant, under his mentor’s watchful eye, Alkaiser Aruladan. Eventually, the Order relocated to Yavin IV, and Gabe along with them. It was here that Gabe grew into a young Jedi Knight, after passing the trials the Council had set forth for him. Those trials were only a shadow of the troubles Gabe would soon face, however.

When Gabe was a young adult, in his early twenties, his lifelong friend Cookanaka grew ill with a rare strand of Creek Fever. After cycles of fighting it, Cookanaka’s spirit passed on, leaving an empty spot in all the Temple. It crushed Gabe to see his friend taken by such a disease, and he didn’t wish for anyone to ever have to deal with it again. After saying a few brief goodbyes, he set out to study, learn, and create a vaccine for the disease.

His adventures were quickly disrupted, however, when he hit a wormhole in hyperspace, transporting him an entire galaxy away to a small planet called Ofelity. The native peoples had never heard basic, and had no idea what the “Galactic Alliance” was. Believing himself to be stranded permanently, Gabe settled in to the quite life of primitive society. While there he met a young woman who had also somehow ended up on the same planet, from her own explorations. Her name was Marya, and it wasn’t long before the two fell in love.

Perhaps the Force intervened, but regardless, Yuuzhan Vong explorers showed up on Ofelity. Reminded of his true home, Gabe left his girlfriend with tears in their eyes and set out to return to his galaxy. During his time with the Yuuzhan Vong, a cure was developed by Gabe, with much help from the Yuuzhan Vong. His mission now complete, Gabe made his way home to the Temple on Yavin IV.

During these years, Gabe went on various harrowing adventures with Hal Raykin, the closest thing Gabe had to a brother outside of Corinth, whom Gabe discovered to be his actual brother, separated when their parents died. Gabe and Hal, however, traveled various places, doing all sorts of things, and even at one point bringing a young Jedi back to the Temple from the planet Lvcam.

By this time a young student had also entered the ranks, by the name of Wesley Ryor. The boy and Gabe got along well, and Gabe eventually asked to train the student as his Apprentice. The Council agreed, and training began. The boy grew well under Gabe, learning a great deal about many things. However, the boy became restless and unsure of his role as a Jedi. With a few parting words and an explanation, Wesley left the Jedi Temple and his Master.

Gabe accepted it and grew over it, pushing ever on. He soon took notice of another pupil, Rash Loist. While very different in mindset, the two connected well, perhaps simply because of their common background on Tatooine. Gabe trained the boy as his Padawan, learning as much from Rash as Rash did from Gabe. It was only a matter of time before the Council decided that Rash was worthy of being called a Jedi Knight. Rash became the first Padawan Gabe saw to Knighthood.

A year or so after this, Gabe was startled to find that Marya had come to Bespin, where the Jedi were now located. She brought with her, however, a young child by the name of Jude. He was Gabe’s son, born after Gabe had left Ofelity. Gabe remembered what it was like during those short years, and for a time lived a double-life with the Jedi during they day and Marya and Jude at night. Nothing gold can last, however, and they eventually went their separate ways.

A short break ensued for Gabe, where he focused mainly on teaching students in groups, but he soon grew restless, and again took a student as his Padawan. However, one wasn’t enough, and with approval from the Council which Gabe was now a part of, he took both Jared Quell and Sarrecm’ar’reccarve as his Padawan Learners. The three men traveled many places, discussed many things, but mainly just grew together as they sought to become better Jedi.

Jared was an older Padawan when he was taken on by Gabe, and was Knighted a year or two before blue, as Gabe lovingly calls Sarrecm’ar’reccarve. Upon Jared’s Knighting, Jedi Master Alkorda (as he was now titled) took yet another Padawan, young Asphar Du. The two Padawan format worked well for Gabe and for his students as well. More time passed, more education passed.

Around this time, Jude returned to the Temple (now back on Yavin IV). He had been sent there by Marya, to live a better life than she could offer him. While at first kept at a distance by Gabe, he eventually realized he couldn’t live like that with his own son and eventually embraced him as a father should. It was a large lesson in Gabe’s life, something that he has taken to heart and carries with him day after day.

It was also during this time that the initial stages of the Commonwealth took place. Through a series of events, a Trandoshan named Feksk ascended to power. Gabe had always had good relations with the Chief of State, and did no different this time. Feksk welcomed the relationship, especially with the rise of galactic turmoil. He turned to Alkorda for advice, as well as missions that would have otherwise been rejected by the Jedi Council. Gabe followed through, as he believed it to be his duty, as well as the fact that he found the Commonwealth to be a perversion of society.

A short while later, the Council deemed Sarrecm’ar’reccarve ready for Knighthood, after completing a volatile mission on Katan Ahk that involved rescuing a fellow Padawan, Kishon Sanria. Marr was Knighted by Masters Nhix, Raun, and Alkorda, and quickly grew into his new role. It made Gabe very proud to see another one of his Pupils doing so well as a Jedi Knight.

Gabe continued to train his remaining Padawan, Asphar, teaching him all that he could. The boy grew with much enthusiasm, soaking up everything Gabe had to offer quite quickly, but never without his own thought and input. It wasn’t long before Gabe was able to once again smile as he watched his fifth Padawan ascend to the rank of Jedi Knight.
During the few cycles before Asphar’s Knighting, Gabe had been tasked with tracking the would-be assassin who tried to murder Chief of State Feksk. A visit was paid to the Temple by one of its former Jedi, Hal Raykin. Excited to once again be reunited with his long-time friend, Gabe talked for many hours with Hal. However, during the exchange of memories and tales, Gabe learned something about Hal: he was the assassin. Gabe knew what he had to do.

He planned a sting operation that only Feksk and Alkorda knew about. Hal was lured into the Chief of State’s offices, where he was met with Gabe. The two engaged in a long and strenuous duel, which eventually ended with Gabe piercing Hal’s chest with his lightsaber. Shocked by his actions, something snapped inside Gabe and he realized his folly.
After making arrangements for Hal’s body, Alkorda traveled to the actual location of Feksk. He explained that the mission had been completed, and that things were taking place for the Alliance’s victory. Feksk offered his approval, and as soon as his guard was down, Gabe quickly flashed out his lightsaber and beheaded the Chief of State. In Gabe’s eyes, it was justice.

Gabe knew that his actions would reap great repercussions against him. He also knew, however, that he was not important. His actions had served the greater good of the galaxy, and paved a possible route for galactic peace to resume. He explained himself to the Jedi Council, transmitted a public message to the galaxy via the holonews, and exiled himself to solitude where he would rethink himself, the Jedi, and the nature of society itself.
For the next eight years, Gabe would spend the majority of his time on Lehon. Occasionally he’d venture out into the galaxy, but always with great caution and only for short periods of time. His solitude was short-lived, however, as only a few years into his exile, his former love, Marya Fissal, arrived seeking closure. The two of them ended their romance and after much meditation, it was decided that Gabe would train Marya as a Jedi, and in doing so would also re-train himself.

The time came when Gabe felt that Marya was ready to be a Jedi Knight once more, and that he should rejoin society and let justice take its place. He had Marya drop him off on Coruscant, where he promptly turned himself into the authorities. His case became a very heated issue and stirred those in the farthest reaches of the galaxy. After spending nearly two years in a specialized holding cell, he was given a trial in front of the Galactic Alliance Senate. He was declared guilty of a single count of murder–that of former Chief of State Feksk. In a controversial decision, Alkorda was sentenced to no further jail time, counting the two years as his punishment. He was also barred from holding any political office in the Galactic Alliance, and was then turned over to the Jedi Order.

Within a cycle, Gabe resumed his post at the Academy on Yavin IV as a Jedi Master. He soon took another Padawan, his seventh, a young Ithorian named Moza Ferorn. The two trained often together, and it was a great joy for Gabe to be back amongst the Jedi, truly serving his purpose in life. There was a short time, however, when Gabe became unsure of his place among the Order. Eventually he resigned, only to return within a few cycles, his commitment stronger than ever.

Gabe continued to carry out many duties within the Order there on Yavin IV, including teaching a regular history class, training his Padawan, Moza, maintaining the archives, and even helping out with the Temple finances when the need arose. For the first time in a long, long time, he felt truly at home among the Jedi of Yavin IV.

As time wore on, Gabe and Moza continued to train, and began going on missions here and there, the most notable of which was a mission to Tatooine where Gabe was separated from Moza, only to be rescued by his Padawan a few days later. The two returned home to resume their regular functions at the Jedi Temple.

Soon, however, things would be interrupted yet again by the re-emergence of the Sith, led by their leader, who called himself Darth Rishi. Rishi had begun a galactic conquest and was en route to Coruscant when the Jedi Council decided it would send a team of Jedi to confront and hopefully defeat Rishi. Gabe refused to participate in this mission believing that setting out with the intent of killing was not the Jedi way. Instead, he sought other methods and eventually ended up on one of Rishi’s ships. Once the Galactic Coalition Navy began its bombardment of Rishi’s forces, it wasn’t long before the ship Gabe was on was destroyed. Through a series of unknown events, Gabe eventually ended up in the custody of the Chiss, on a medical outpost somewhere on Csilla.

With the help of his former Padawan, Sarrecm’ar’reccarve, Gabe managed to leave Csilla and return to the Jedi Temple after over a year in Chiss custody. Upon returning, Gabe found Moza to have grown substantially, and decided it was time his Padawan go on to become a Jedi Knight. He presented his request to the Council, and after some discussion, it was decided that Padawan Ferorn was indeed to become Knight Ferorn. Moza was called before the Council, and with Gabe watching, his sixth Padawan reached Knighthood.

Gabe Alkorda became one with the Force on 273.03

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