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Homeworld: Taanab

Species: Lepi


Flipp was born on 373 ABY on Taanab. His nest worked closely together on a farm owned by humans. During their leisure, while his many other siblings tackled each other over slabs of meats, Flipp often ventured out alone, running freely across the meadow, to spend time with the fauna. He was against eating the animals that shared the world, instead he would sneak them produce from their farm. Eventually, he was able to train and ride on top of a Staga, although he was often ridiculed for “playing with food.” Despite his diet, he loves to embellish in food, often stocking up a collection of carrots and nuts for himself.

Annually, members of the Agricultural Corps would visit their farm from Pandath to examine their produce, thus exposed Flipp to the Order at a very early age. However, he viewed them mostly as dedicated farmers. At the age of five, they visited the farm again, and informed his parents that Flipp has potential to become part of the Order, not just as a farmer, but as a Jedi.

His parents were encouraged by the words and highly respected the group they indirectly worked for. They realized it may be a better path for Flipp due to his desire to seek solitude and his affinity towards animals; he was indeed unique. The next day, he packed a few dried treats, joined the members in Pandath, and departed towards a Jedi temple in the Outer Rim.