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Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Ryloth

Species: Twi'lek


Firith’valla was discovered at birth to be force sensitive by the local Jedi Watchmen and when of an appropriate age was initiated into the Jedi Order at Ossus. Firith took to his training well and was taken on as a Padawan by Jedi Knight Varn Tahlek. Firith would begin to develop his connection to the Force as he progressed in his training under his mentor. He showed a natural proclivity towards Alter abilities, becoming gifted it the field at an early stage of his training. When not training with his master, Firith could often be found socializing with his fellow students or reading up on galactic history in the archives.

Firith dedicated himself to his studies, both observing and taking part in multiple assignments with his mentor, gaining the necessary skills and attitude to undertake his trials. Firith was successful in his trials, being granted the rank of Jedi Knight. Firith would find himself taking on the responsibility of a Jedi Watchman and would spend most of his time outside of the Jedi Temple. However, seeking a change of pace and new adventure, Firith applied for a transfer to the Rannon branch.