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Fenn Rahm

Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Mandalore

Mentor(s): Dreshin Bralor

Species: Human

Padawan(s): Joar Hasmal


Born on the Rahm farmstead situated within proximity of Mandalore’s capital city, Fenn Rahm grew up the youngest of a family of five, of which conformed to the Mandalorian culture and traditions. His father, Dred Rahm, was the son of a Fett clansman and an unknown Human woman, of whom perished shortly after Dred’s fourteenth birthday. He is also cousin and close associate to the current Mandalore, Asdral Gev. His lineage is Fett dominant, though he chose a family name shortly after his parent’s death, for reasons unknown. Five years after Fenn’s birth, his mother passed away from illness.

Life began to progressively become difficult shortly after Fenn’s mother’s death. As tradition requires, his father mentored him from the age of eight to prepare for the Verd’goten, the traditional rite of passage in Mandalorian culture, of which signifies the transition from child to adult. It consists of military & survival drills and trials. Being the youngest meant meeting expectations of his two older brothers, of whom were twins and members of the Mandalorian Protectors, and Fenn strove to meet them.

However, with each year of training, Fenn’s will began to falter under the pressure, and thus, he felt uninspired, as well as exhausted mentally. His well-disciplined persona took a turn soon after, often engaging in arguments with his father over petty issues. With a year left before Fenn will attempt the Verd’goten, Dred decided an old friend should visit. In this visit, it was unveiled that the old friend was a Jedi, and that Fenn possessed the innate ability of the Force, confirmed through a blood test. Of course, Fenn did not want to leave, but his father managed to persuade him.

On the day of departure, his family bid him farewell, and wished him luck. The shuttle soon arrived, and Fenn boarded, staring longingly as the ramp closed.