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Fane Ornn’ila

Fane Ornn’ila
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Onderon

Mentor(s): Kaelen Sekura

Species: Twi'lek

Padawan(s): Ruluk Okoth


Long before Fane was born, a young woman by the name of Leda found herself on Tatooine. She was travelling from planet to planet with her friend, Tjumba, a young Rodian male from Rodia. They had landed on the outskirts of the Mos Eisley Spaceport and prepared their gear for exploration. They spent the rest of the day wandering through the streets of Mos Eisley, visiting various shops and Cantinas along their route. After a long day attaining tired feet they headed back towards their ship for a nights rest. The suns of Tatooine had already half disappeared behind the horizon.

Once their ship appeared in visual range their eyes fell on something which appeared out of place to them. Another medium sized vehicle stood stationed next to their ship. As they approached it they saw several figures walking in and around the ship. Leda wished to turn back, and wait it out- but Tjumba was not one to stand by as their possessions and possibly the ship got stolen. They approached and were spotted. These thugs approached them and Tjumba put up a big mouth, and apparently, a to big off a mouth. A Thug swung his fist at him to which Tjumba responded with his own. This was not appreciated and the thug upholstered his blaster pistol and shot Tjumba where he stood. He fell to the ground, Leda let out a scream in panic. The Thugs took her; this is where her new life started. Her trip turned out into a disaster, her closest friend was dead, and she was stripped of her pride and turned into a slave.

The next years of Leda’s life were grim, and with little hope of ever returning to her old life. She served as a slave for nearly five years now and changed owner three times due to losses in gambling form her previous owners. She woke up that day, wondering just what would become of her. Telling herself that this was just going to be a day, like any day from the past few years, following her master and doing as he requested, little did she know…

A few hours later she found herself in one of the more ‘expensive’ cantinas on Tatooine, serving the drinks and food to her owner and co. As she went about her business a male seemed to take notice of her. This male was also a Twi’lek and went by the name of Darssi Ornn’ila, a wealthy man, enjoying the scenery of the backwater planet. He observed Leda and the company she was in for some time, before deciding to step up to these men. After he introduced himself to the group, he asked about Leda, who had just offered him a drink. The owner answered his question, informing her she was one of his many slaves. Darssi pondered the man’s words, understanding her situation as he looked upon her, she didn’t seem to express much happiness. After a short moment of silence, he made a short question to her owner, asking him how much she was worth to him. The owner saw his chance to make some money, and quickly replied with a sum of two-thousand credits. Darssi made a light nod, and made an agreeing motion. The two exchanged their data, and the credits were transferred. Leda was now his. Leda herself was all to confused about the whole situation but quickly followed Darssi as he walked away.

Once they arrived outside, Darssi stopped and turned to her. Leda asked him what she could for him. Darssi answered, that she could do whatever she wished now; she’s a free person once again. Leda didn’t know what she heard, frozen to her spot at first. She could not find the words to thank this stranger. She was free, but had no idea where to go. She asked if he would allow her to come with him, and he agreed with her request. Once they arrived at the man’s big luxurious space cruiser they had a chat. Both explaining their stories to one another.

For the months that followed, Leda remained with Darssi and it didn’t take long for them to fall in love. Some years passed, and Darssi entered Leda into his clan name ‘Ornn’ila’. It did not take long after that for Leda to become pregnant with his child, with it her life had been restored to what she hoped it would be long ago. They named the child Fane, which in the Twi’lek culture would be ‘Fanornn’ila’.

Fane had a peaceful childhood on Onderon without many problems, which allowed her to grow into a kind person. She lived her daily life with her parents and friends, spending her time on things any child would enjoy. Her life continued like this until she reached the age of four; however her life would soon take a serious twist.

Fane was still asleep, as a loud bang on the door echoed through the house. The local law enforcement of Onderon barged into their house and arrested her father on the charge of covering up criminal activities and supplying criminals with equipment for their activities. The commotion woke Fane up, when she arrived in the living area she found her mother in tears and her father gone, the house somewhat messy from the light struggle her father put up.

The following days were tensed for Fane and her mother, waiting what would become of her father. The events drained their funds. Trying to find a lawyer and pay for all the trials. Fane and Leda were forced to move to a smaller apartment, barely managing due to the government not giving them extra funds. Meanwhile, the news of Darssi’s arrest spread through the city along with what he was being suspected off, it angered the community and took it out on the small family. It started with letters, then calls and people coming on their doorstep. After her father was found guilty it only worsened. They had very little money, her father was put in jail and the community also blamed them. Their world slowly crumbled around her.

Her mother felt the tension around her and her daughter grow so she moved with Fane once more, hoping they’d at least be safe from the masses. Unfortunately her secrecy didn’t last long and their new house was found. Fane’s mother was assaulted and their house was destroyed. Her mother decided it was now to dangerous for herself and her daughter to just keep moving. She had to keep Fane safe, even if it would mean letting her go, but where could she bring her? She realized she only had one choice left, but how could she possibly get her there. Leda spent months doing all sorts of services to save up credits. She bought herself and Fane a ticket with her savings on a small public transport to Yavin IV.

Once they had arrived at one of the smaller landing pads, she and Fane set out, following one of the few beaten-tracks created by previous people wandering the same path. Leda spotted the Jedi Temple in the distance and let a sigh of relief out. The only place she could think of to keep her safe. Leda fiddled in her own pocket, and picked out a small pill. It was a sleeping drug. She gave it to fane, telling her to take it. Fane did as her mother said and took it, swallowing it in. Her mother then started to talk to her. Fane was confused why her mother was saying her goodbyes to her, she asked and Leda replied that she’d understand it when she’s older, and that she should not worry; these people would take care of her. Leda told her she was proud of her and that she’ll grow up to be a great person and is sorry she could not provide her a good life with her and her father. She spoke with tears in her eyes, but with a smile on her face. Fane was now already half asleep, if not more. Leda wrapped her up in some rags, and stroked past her face. Fane then fell asleep completely. Her mother took her into her arms and moved closer to the temple, and stopped in an empty area near the entrance. She gave Fane a soft kiss to her forehead, and spoke to her in Twi’leki on whispering tone.

‘Goodbye, Fanornn’ila. May your life be good here, my sweetheart, my everything. I love you.’

With that, she rested her down to the floor and walked away, looking back occasionally until she had disappeared from sight. Fane remained there. Asleep, waiting to be found.

What did happen to Fane? It didn’t take long for Fane to wake up. She found herself laying on a grassy surface, the grass sticking out higher than she could look. Wrapped in rags, Fane started to look around as she fiddled with the rags wrapped around her. It did not take long for her to be found. Laying in the grass, a young Jedi by the name of Shandrilla found her. Fane was now on her feet and glancing around, disorientated and on the lookout for her mother, who was long gone from the scene already. The young Jedi did not hesitate and called for the advice of a Master. To Fane’s surprise, a Twi’lek approached the two. The presence of this woman seemed to comfort her, as she resembled her mother, at least to some extent. This Twi’lek was went by the name of Aayla Vigil. Fane was taken indoors, sticking close to Vigil’s side. This was the first time Fane’s sight met that of the temple’s front door, and shortly after its interiors. It was here that a new ‘door’ to her life opened.

This is where Fane remained. She was taken in as a guest for as long as it was needed. Communicating went slow for the first few months as she did not have a big grasp on basic yet. She found help with another guest, Elsavira- also a Twi’lek. This minimum grasp of basic did not keep her from making new contacts though. Fane quickly picked up on social contacts within the temple. Most of them being children around her age, as well as other students within the temple. Contrary to her old life, Fane got a lot of friends and for the first time in her life she felt she was accepted by people, other than her parents.

Fane did not quite understand the things that were going on around her in this temple though. Many questions passed her mind. What is a Jedi? What is this Force they are all talking about? What do they actually do here? Were things that dwelled in her mind, however she could not quite express it into words. In time her understanding would slowly grow. Her social circle also grew. Finding many friends in the temple, she would grow most close with three of them, surprisingly all males. A theelin by the name of Zeak Dystiny from Anaxes, A human by the name of Jacen Ginos from Mamendin and a Miraluka by the name of Daereon Daimon from Alpheridies Together they spend most their time exploring, playing, talking and attending to classes held around the temple. The four were not shy either and spend their time with just about anyone, from other hopefuls to the Masters of the Order. Although the four were mostly together, you would mostly find Aslyn Denethorn near the group. For the time being, this person was their guide in this temple, and the things that it held inside. A great deal of her understanding and that of her friends surrounding the Jedi would come from him, as well as the classes held.

Time passed as Fane slowly found the answers to the questions she had in her mind. For the first time Fane felt like she belonged there, right where she was along with her friends. She found a new home, a new family and a new life, or so she and the others thought. The new life of herself and her friends would soon make another twist as they found themselves being called to the Council chamber. A thing they all hoped to happen one day at this point, becoming a part of the path many walked before them was now in their hands. After a long session of questions and small tests she and five of her friends were initiated into the Order at 269.30.

From this point on, Fane had a new goal set for herself- becoming the best Jedi she could be. Of course she was not going to achieve this alone. Again her friends were never far away, although with time the group would slowly turn into a duo as Jacen and Daereon had their own things to deal with at different times but they would continue to be close during their times as initiates. It was now up to her to live up to the expectations she had build up during her stay. With the help of the Masters her understanding and abilities grow every day, each lesson bringing her that bit closer to her goal. She started to discover abilities in the force, as well as slowly develop skills with the symbol of the Jedi; the lightsaber.

As her time as Initiate neared a year, Fane was turning out to be a fast learner, as were most of her fellow peers. Fane managed to attend to most, if not all classes as the cycles passed by and with it questions were answered and many more took their places. It became clear to her that she had a long road ahead of her, and it wouldn’t take long that Fane would find her next door opening.

Not long after her first year as an Initiate passed, Jedi Knight Kaelen Sekura, who took interest in Fane for awhile already, was approved by the Council to take young Ornn’ila as his first Padawan Learner. And so he did; at 271.11 Fane was apprenticed to Kaelen Sekura. A new set of obstacles were placed in front of her but she was determined to overcome them through the good and the bad times, and so her training as a Padawan started.

From that point on Fane trained under Kaelen Sekura, learning more and more of the force and what it means to be a Jedi with each day that passed. Her training extended to different areas of the Force such as telepathy as well as the lightsaber arts, however Telepathy would prove to be a struggle point for her for quite some time. Fane wasn’t the only one progressing however, her closest friends, Zeak and Daereon were taken on as Padawan learners as well. However they group started to lose contact with their other close friend, the young Jacen Ginos. The group still spent many hours together as they seemingly progressed next to each other. Kaelen started to take Fane off-world at a young age already, most trips were only a few days of length although one lasted several cycles. Fane of course enjoyed every moment off it and the wonders of different planets amazed her. The most common place they headed to was Coruscant. Her Master had various tasks to take care of there.

At one point the off-world visits settled down for a while to resume training back at the temple. Fane returned at a quiet time at the temple. Many members of the Order found themselves being called elsewhere. The temple was more quiet than she was used to, however her closest friends were still there. As time moved on, so did her training. At the age of ten she was granted her own high frequency lightsaber. One of the things Fane will remember all her life was the celebration of Life Day on the planet Kashyyyk. It couldn’t get much better for her, everyone together and enjoying each other’s company, even their old friend Jacen showed up that day to everyone’s surprise. As usual Fane spent most her time there around Zeak and Daereon, exploring the area. Everything almost seemed to go wrong as Daereon had disappeared without trace. She, Zeak and Sebastin set out to find him which they eventually did. Daereon had seemed to have gotten under something’s possession but luckily Fane avoided a possible harmful confrontation by reminding him who he was, and what he means to his friends. This was likely the first time Fane saw what something of dark nature could do to a person. Daereon however recovered, at least for the time being. Eventually they all returned to the temple and life took its way once again. Soon enough Fane rid herself of her helmet, which she gave to Elrehka Quena. With a fresh look, her training was about to expand to new horizons, with new challenges laying in wait for her.