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Eyer D’asei


Homeworld: Corellia

Species: Human


Eyer D’asei has lived a relatively normal childhood. He has both a father and a mother. D’asei comes from a long blood-line of Force-Users, dating back thousands of years. Though there hasn’t been one in his family in over three hundred years. Recently, he has begun to feel strange. At times, he feels like something is off. Never quite figuring out why. He has many friends, most are alien. So he has some experience with different languages.
One day on the way home from school, Eyer was met by a bully named Rash. He was 12 years old and the son of a Mandalorian who defected from his clan in Mandalore. -“Gimme all your credits, bantha fodder. Or I’ll send my daddy after you and your family.” Rash told him with a slight Mandalorian accent.
-“Leave me alone, moof-milker!”
-“Who you callin’ moof-milker!? Do you not know who I am?” Rash walked up to him and pushed him to the ground. Eyer’s pack opened and spilled it’s content.
-“Hey!” He shouted, quickly lifting himself on his feet. “I barely have any credits, Rash!”
“I don’t care! You insult me, you get the pounding.” Rash pounded his fist, smiling.
-“Please! I’ll bring you more credits tomorrow!”
Rash closed in, pulling back his fist, getting ready to punch. Eyer crouched and covered his face, bracing for impact. A few seconds past, nothing happened. He removed his arms from his face. Looking up to see Rash’s fist, inches away from Eyer’s face.
-“What have you done!?” His fist looked frozen in place, Rash pulled on his arm trying to make it move. To no avail.
-“I’m not doing anything!”
-“You freak!” Rash exclaimed.
Eyer’s eyes were watering with tears, he truly had no idea what was going on. He took a few steps backwards, Rash finally gaining control of his right hand.
-“I’m gonna tell my dad!” He turned, looking to run away. He bumbed into a tall, hooded man. Falling to the ground. The man looked down at him and waved his finger as he said:
-“You will forget any of this happened.”
Rash repeated.
“You will never bully anyone again.”
Rash also repeated. Running off.
Eyer looked at the man, wide-eyed. “Hello Eyer.” The man told him.
-“Please don’t hurt me!”
-“I will not. I am a Jedi, after all.” He replied.
-“Yes. Like many of your family before you.”
-“B-but… my family aren’t Jedi.”
-“Not in the present, no. A long, long time ago, your family was at the top of the Galaxy. D’asei was a household name.” ((I’m basing this off of the Star Wars: The Old Republic storyline. I hope that’s okay. 😀 ))
Eyer’s fear soon turned into intrigue.
-“M-my f-family were famous Jedi?”
-“Yes, they truly were. They even saved the Galaxy on more than one occassion.”
-“Wow! That’s incredible!”
-“I would like to meet your parents. May I?” The man asked.
-“Yeah, of course!”
With this, Eyer led the Jedi to his house. Where the man conversed with his parents, Eyer waiting outside for a moment.
Ten minutes passed before his mother and father came out, followed by the Jedi. His mother kneeled down in front of him, his father placing a hand on her shoulder.
-“Eyer, I love you so much. My dear boy.”
-“I love you too mother. What’s going on?” He looked at her, then at his father.
He replied:”I knew you were special, from the day you were born, Eyer… That is why you must leave us and fulfill your destiny. We love you so much. But you must become a Jedi. It is the will of the Force. The way of our family.”
-“But I don’t wanna go. I can be a Jedi here right?”
-“I am afraid not.” The Jedi said to him. “The Jedi train on a secluded system called Rannon.”
-His mother added:”You must go. It is your destiny.”
Eyer began to cry.
His father kneeled next to his wife, hugging them:
-“You will see us again, in time.” He waited a few moments. “Now go… Go with the Jedi. Become the man you are meant to be.”
They bid there farewell. Eyer left his home and his parents with the man. And left Corellia on the Jedi’s ship.

While in hyperspace, the two closed in on the Rannon system.
-“We will arrive in a few minutes.” The Jedi said as he looked at Eyer in the passenger seat. “Do not worry. The Jedi here are very friendly and will want to be your friends. You will have company.”
They arrived on the planet. Landing the ship in the Temple’s hangar.
-“You will have to prove yourself in order to show you are worthy to continue your path to becoming a Jedi.” They got off the ship and walked inside the temple. “But you will prove more than worthy. I feel it.”