JEDI HoloNet

Ethan Kase

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Concordia

Species: Human


Ethan was born on Concordia, a moon of Mandalore to a family of 3, his father, mother, and himself. His dad worked as a miner there while his mom stayed at home and watched him. Ethan always wondered what it was like past the Mandalore system, he always wanted to explore the galaxy being that the only other planet he’d been too is Mandalore. One day after a couple months of his dad trying to make ends meet his mom decided to get a job too. Ethan soon got sad finding nothing to do during the day without his mom. Later he was playing an old hologame and he got really frustrated with it and somehow he was able to push the table, just a couple centimetres without even touching it. He thought it was really cool even though he really had no idea what he did. When his parents got home he told them but they just thought he imagined it. Then his parents made a joke of him having “jedi powers”. He asked them what a jedi was and they told them they were defenders of peace and he told him that they used lightsabers and then drew a crude drawing of one.
Awhile after this incident, Ethan and his mom went to Mandalore for buissness. There he saw some guy talking to an official, but after he looked closer he saw his lightsaber hanging out. Ethan decided to ask him about it. The jedi replied with a somewhat hesitant “Yes.”. During the conversation, the jedi thought there was something a little different about this kid. Then Ethan told the jedi about his “experience”. He then told they may be looking for new jedi at the academy on Yavin 4.His mom stepped in and said that really wasn’t a life for Ethan. The jedi told them to think about it and said he’d come by in a week when he’s ready to leave to see if they might be interested. They discussed it awhile at home but Ethan really wanted to go, but his mom was reluctant. It changed a couple weeks later when his dad got a pay cut forcing them to move out of their home soon. So when the jedi came they decided it would be a better life for Ethan. They said there goodbye’s and Ethan got on the jedi’s ship heading for Yavin 4 where another adventure awaited.

On 280.31, While merely exploring the new Alzoc 3 temple, He was summoned down to the Council chambers, there him and fellow hopeful Ruluk O’Koth were initiated into the Jedi order. From there on, he knew he would have to work harder to learn the ways of the Jedi, for it would be a difficult journey…