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Esth Me’sku

Esth Me’sku
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Bothawui

Mentor(s): Delmi N'Jork

Species: Bothan


Esth grew up on the planet of bothawui. He lived with his parents until he was around the age of 9. He was very smart for a bothan. Very coordinated. About the time of 9, a transport ship arrived near his home with a Jedi on board. The Jedi liked Esth so much that he decided to test him to see if his coming was a coincidence. It wasnt, but in fact a fate of the force that Esth and the Jedi met.

The jedi took him to coruscant where he became tested to see if he was jedi material. The council of coruscant tested him with great detail, eventually sending him off to the alzoc temple where his fate would rest in the hands of the alzoc council.