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Estelwen Rha

Estelwen Rha
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Ryloth

Mentor(s): Ber-til Keztor, Nodo Salar

Species: Twi'lek


Estelwen Rha was born in a poor family, bearly having their own hut to live in. Her family, born and raised on Ryloth, tried to raise her to be honest and hardworking, as they were simple villagers. She was just three years old when they first took her with them to help with the farm, and surprisingly enough they were satisfied with her dedication to provide anything and everything she could to them.

They were loving parents. Even though they themselves had never received any education, they worked hard to buy her some holobooks and hired a tutor to teach her how to read. He mother was always concerned about the life her daughter was going to have, and tried teaching her to be more than they ever could be, to give her best at everything she does in her life, to make her appreciate what she has, cherish and love her family, but to leave and have a better future, if she ever found the opportunity.

The name “Rha”, in Ryl, means “sunny/bright”, and no one could deny that it suited her perfectly. She was shy, considering she never truly had any interactions except her parents and her tutor, but she always gave a smile at anyone who walked past her on her way to the farm. She was energetic, always respected her elders, loved nature and, in general, life itself.

One day, when she was five years old, and after a long day at the farm, they loaded the cart with their crops. Unfortunately, she -accidentally- almost knocked it over. When she raised her arm, in an attempt to catch any of the falling vegetables, a couple of them began floating. She froze looking at them momentarily and, afterwards, they fell to the ground. Her parents didn’t see the incident, but she told them right away. They didn’t believe her, insisting that she was really tired and she just thought it happened.

The very same night, as they were all sitting together to have a family moment before they go to sleep, she tried and tried to repeat the thing that she was so sure she did back in the farm. After endless tries she successfully lifted an onion just inches above the table; before it fell again seconds after. Her parents couldn’t believe their eyes. They were afraid and wondering what is wrong with their daughter. Around half an hour later, they heard a knock on their door. There was a fancy looking man, and even though his clothes weren’t anything elaborate or extravagant, it was surprising how clean and neat he was. He greeted her parents, looked and smiled at Estelwen, and asked the parents to have a private conversation. While they were outside talking, she never stopped trying to lift rocks, vegetables, or anything in proximity. A while later, they returned to the hut, both her parents looking concerned but also relieved, and her mother having both tears on her eyes and a smile on her face. They explained to her how lucky and special she was, and that their prayers for a better life had been answered. She had the opportunity of being more than a farmer, she had the opportunity to help people in need. After a long talk, trying to convince her that they will be just fine without her help, the last thing they said to her was to never change who she was and cherish the gift she has.