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Erto Ramor

Erto Ramor

Homeworld: Coruscant

Species: Omwati


Erto Ramor was born on Corcusant, in 279 ABY. His parents lived on Dantooine, and moved to Corcusant in 278.13 ABY, one year before it was siezed by Mandalorians. On Corcusant, a Jedi Knight found Erto, and sensed the force in him. His father was delighted, because he knew that the temple would guarantee his son’s safety. One day, Erto’s father came to the temple, looking for the Knight who brought Erto in. After a long talk, he came to Erto, and told him he has to leave Corcusant today, and that he will be transferred to another temple.

Erto is a happy child, having trouble establishing social connections, but he acts very natural in his friends’s company. Has a natural talent for hiding, and logical understanding. He’s currently friends with Rei Xaria, a child who arrived to the temple the same day as he did.