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Eronn Boesky


Homeworld: Skor II

Mentor(s): Zakarie Di'Vosk

Species: Ithorian


In 360 ABY, Eneneneedenee (Enene for short), an assertive and competent Squib, found a baby Ithorian being sold for 100 credits at a bargaining festival. The white-furred Squib found it hard to make an honest credit, thus her need to improvise all her life, in other words, steal. The Ithorian was unable to speak, making the alien perfect for a small role in a scam she and her partner, Maxilus, had been planning. Maxilus was a stubborn Squib, and quite reluctant having a hammerhead “drag” them down, but after a few successful cons, the Ithorian started to show some worth- and credits. Enene named him after her father, Eronnonronronon, while Maxilus came up with his last name, Boesky. The two Squibs raised Eronn as their own, teaching him to speak Basic and a plethora of Squibbian slang. The three became tightly knit and fond of each other as they traveled the galaxy as grifters.

One night, Maxilus went out to a cantina to earn some credits cheating at Pazaak. His plan was to constantly and discreetly switch decks to his advantage. Unfortunately, he got caught by a very angry Quarren who had many Quarren friends; Maxilus spent the next few days in hiding before approaching Enene and Eronn. Enene was infuriated that he got caught cheating, bringing potential danger to Eronn. They moved immediately, hopping various planets. By the time Eronn was about seven years old, the trio had been working exclusively with outsiders in Skor II, which made for easier targets and better deals. Enene still felt unsafe and guilty for not providing Eronn with a proper life, especially with Maxilus always causing trouble.

One day, a Jedi disguised as a merchant approached the three in search for a specific type of medicine. Before Enene could ask how he found her, the merchant’s attention was directed to the sly-tongued Ithorian counting credits behind them. He seemed to see something in the alien, and eventually revealed his identity and affiliation with the Order. Enene never doubted that the man was a member of Jedi; she could never mistake such shiny, expensive technology they often carry, and she’s seen a few in her days. And if Eronn truly is special, then she cannot hold him down. It would mean losing a friend and son, but she knew that Eronn was safer following the Jedi rather than following two criminals. Eronn was reluctant to leave his beloved Squibs, but he always trusted Enene’s intuition. That night, Eronn packed lightly, and after a few words with his Squib family, he was off to study the ways of the Order.