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Ergo Stomi

Ergo Stomi
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Dorin

Mentor(s): Rash Loist

Species: Kel Dor

Padawan(s): Larkit, Johauna Darkrider, Daereon Daimon


Ergo Stomi has focused the blunt of his training honing his Telekinetic abilities. He is able to execute great feats using his abilities, including manipulation of atomic particles.

Due to his intense physical training under his Master, Ergo is immensely physically fit, even without enhancing his movements with the Force. This leads to his to already enhanced Kel Dorian reflexes to reach even higher levels.

Ergo also has received training in Precognition, and even the rare ability to Flow Walk, partly to his training with the Baron Do Sages.


Ergo Stomi was born in a small medical facility on the Kel Dor homeworld of Dorin. Originally born as Ergo Ulari, he was the son of two Jedi Knights. His father, Vidra Ulari, was a talented swordsman in the Jedi Order, and despite his extensive training as a Jedi, fell in love with a fellow Jedi, a female Kel Dor named Orna. The two eventually married, and had Ergo. Their beloved Council did not approve of their relationship, and they were both exiled shortly before Ergo’s birth. During childbirth, complications arose, leading to the death of Orna, and Vidra left with his son, to a self-imposed exile, on the ice planet of Hoth.

Vidra spent his time caring for his small child, a difficult task on a planet such as Hoth. It wasn’t long until a fellow Jedi Knight showed up, a Kel Dor named Endu Stomi. Endu was Vidra’s closet friend during his Jedi training, both initiated together and trained up to Knight roughly at the same time. Endu left the Order, disappointed with the Council’s decision to exile Vidra and Orna, which led to many disagreements with the Council, despite having his own seat on the Council.

The three began living together, Endu off world often, finding money and work in odd places. His time on Hoth though, led to him growing very close to the infantile Ergo. One morning, Vidra was taking care of a small herd of tauntauns on the edge of his encampment. The wind was brisk, with heavy snow blowing, making visibility a near zero. Vidra stumbled upon a dying tauntaun, large gashes on its back, staining the snow a deep red. The moment Vidra realized what happened, it was too late. A wampa appeared from the blizzard, blasting back Vidra into a rock wall with a heavy paw. The impact caused Vidra’s mask to crack, leaking poisonous oxygen into his system. Through the snow appeared Endu, his burnt orange saber glowing against the white back drop. The wampa charged, but he was not surprising Endu. A flash of orange and the wampa’s torso dropped forward, its legs amputated in a clean stroke.

There was little Endu could do for Vidra, the oxygen now filling his lungs, killing him slowly. With his dying breath, he requested Endu to care for young Ergo, to take him as his own. Endu obliged to his best friend’s request, and after giving Vidra a proper burial, began raising Ergo as his own. The young Ergo quickly grew older, forgetting his birth father, believing Endu to be his true father. The two continued living together, but things wouldn’t last.

After departing from the Order, Endu began running bounty hunting missions, and tracking down criminals, granting him many enemies. When some of these enemies started tracking Endu down to the ice planet, Endu knew it was time to go, and it was time to leave Ergo in a safe place, a place that would change Ergo forever. Packing his small ship with his supplies, and a seven year old Ergo, Endu set his navicomputer for a new home for Ergo, the Jedi Temple on Bespin.

Endu had thoughts the Ergo was Force sensitive, being the son of two Jedi Knights, but he wasn’t sure, and was only taking Ergo there because he knew it would be safe. Endu left Ergo on Bespin, dropping him off at the Temple’s landing pad and then flying off, leaving a confused, scared and lonely Ergo on a Jedi Temple’s doorstep.

Ergo was extremely shy at the small Temple. He knew no one, and was the only one of his species to walk the halls. It wasn’t very long before he became friends with two Jedi Initiates his same age, a young human Jamus Kevari and a Mirialan Asphar Du. The three quickly became inseparable, roaming the halls together and creating mischief for other students. On a typical day in 239 ABY, Ergo’s life would be forever changed, as he would be initiated by Master Axem Keigoku as the newest member of the Jedi Order on Bespin.

Ergo’s training started off slow, as classes were at near stop during his early training. He learned as much as he could though, from watching his peers, Jamus and Asphar, who were already more advance than he, and from the occasional class. It wasn’t long until Ergo caught the eye of a freshly knighted Rash Loist. The two became close, with Rash much like an older brother to Ergo. Rash soon took Ergo as his Padawan, and the two both started a new path together.

Rash was brutal with his training, putting focus on physical training above philosophy and Force studies. With the path of a Guardian laid before him, Ergo, trained hard, learning everything he could from his Master. Ergo grew up fast, his Master often struggled with the influence of his brother, a Dark Jedi. This led to many times Rash striking down Ergo in rage, a few times, near death. Besides his Master’s troubles, he had a simple life. He was often in trouble, picking on many of the younger students and playing tricks on them. His mid-teens we the height of his rebelliousness. One incident led to a large riot within the Temple, as Bespin Security Droids raided the facility due to Ergo not complying to their demands.

When the Bespin Temple lost funding, and the Order moved to the old temple on Yavin IV, Ergo quickly began to favor the abundance of live there compared to the metal floating platforms of Bespin. Ergo began to develop an affinity for the power of psychokinesis, and more specifically, telekinesis. During his Padawanship, Rash eventually took another Padawan, a troubled Zabrak named Aeon Xarbon. The two became close friends, although, often competing for their Master’s favor.

Ergo hardly ever left the Temple, much to his disappointment, as he had an urge to see the Galaxy and put his training to use. His first choice would come with an invitation from the Baran Do sages, a Force Cult on his home planet of Dorin. It was here where he found out the truth about his father, and his relatively forgotten past.

In his early twenties, Ergo was knighted in front of the Council, his training as a Padawan complete, but his true training just beginning to start. During this time, Ergo remained close to his friend, Jamus, who often struggled with alcohol problems, but a keen guidance from his friend helped Jamus avoid any serious harm. Eventually, Ergo’s path joined with a young Kushiban named Larkit, whom Ergo took as a Padawan. The training was difficult, as Larkit lacked the true motivation needed to be a Jedi, which eventually led to him leaving the Order.

Ergo went back to training himself, his skills in telekinesis growing exponentially and his wisdom slowly growing. He would be put through his greatest challenge while investigating a crime syndicate on his home of Dorin. He was ambushed, and taken as a prison by a group of Kel Dor criminals. The criminals brutally tortured and beat Ergo for a year. Restrained from the Force, he was unable to call for help, and unable to escape. Finally, the painful year passed, as Jamus and fellow Knight Jared Quell discovered his location, and launched a rescue mission. This moment was the closest Ergo had ever been to the Dark side. With his enemies on their knees in front of him, he wanted to strike them down, and punish them, but he was able to control himself, focusing inward, and leaving back to the new Jedi Temple on Mon Calamari.

The actions on Dorin forever changed Ergo. His warm and joking demeanor disappeared upon his return, become cold and contained, talking mainly to those close to him, his closest friend and follow Knight, Jamus Kevari, along with a new friend and mentor, Jedi Master Shimi Zaki.

Ergo eventually began settling in again, returning to his old self, but still rather quiet and observing compared to many of the new students and knights of the Order. After several years, Ergo took it upon himself to train a new Padawan, Johauna Darkrider. Johauna had suffered from amnesia and was a difficult student, often frustrating Ergo due to her nature of recklessness, disobeying orders and not giving respect to Ergo or other Masters. Shortly before this, Ergo had began training himself in several aspects of the Dark Side, learning history, culture, and their understanding of every Dark Side cult the Archive had knowledge on. Because of the events on Dorin so many years ago, Ergo had developed a natural resistance to the call of the Dark Side, which allowed the Coruscant High Council to begin calling upon him for missions throughout the Galaxy. These missions interrupted the training and progress of Johauna, which eventually led to the Council pulling the two apart, with Johauna being assigned to his best friend, Jamus.

Eventually, the missions took a mental toll on his mind, and he was force to stopped, his mind always weary and he always appeared to be distant in his gaze. After a year or so, Ergo tried his hand at another Padawan, a young student named Daereon Daimon. The two flourished quickly together, Daereon the perfect slate for Ergo to instruct. However, like every Padawan Ergo has started to train, it wouldn’t laugh. Ergo received word of Jamus leaving the Order to go out on his own. Ergo was distraught and broken for the next day, his closest friend since his childhood was gone and Ergo felt as if he wasn’t complete anymore. Ergo decided it would be best to go, taking his ship and belongings to his home world of Dorin.

Ergo is living out the rest of his days as a leading member of the Baran Do Sages. He still frequently is an ambassador to Coruscant for the Kel Dorian people, and its possible to see him walking the halls of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant with a group of young Kel Dors in tow. Rumors are he started a family and had a child of his own. His Jedi training keeps his actions in the right place, the Force is always his number one priority.